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  1. Do not drink milk for kittens. There are lactose in milk, and some kittens lack lactose digestive enzymes or lactose enabled, so it is easy to cause chronic diarrhea. Some kittens are allergic to milk protein, and the result is chronic diarrhea. R N, although not all kittens can drink milk, but for the health of the kitten, it is recommended not to drink milk.

    Yes, after adjusting, you can feed the kitten when the milk is as high as the temperature of the cat blood.

    Is to feed the kitten and find a syringe (pull off the needle above or buy the only syringe) into the corner of the cat's mouth ~ so good to feed.

    The kitten eight -week kittens should already be able to lick the milk powder adjusted in the shallow disc. He puts the syringe into the kitten's mouth gently. Pay attention that the movement should not be too fierce, otherwise the kitten will panic, gently push the shooter, the milk will slowly drip into the kitten's mouth.

    If you can't buy cat milk powder, it is recommended that you use baby rice paste and mix with the meat mud or fish mud that babies eat. If you don't want to buy Mix it in the rice paste for the kitten, add a drop of children's vitamins (only one drop of a day).

    During two months, you can use cat food while feeding. The blisters are soft, and some cat food that does not soak water is also placed next to it. Sometimes the kitten will go.

    The cat food can choose kittens and cat food now, wait for the cat to one year old After that, you can change it into a cat food.

    Three months later, after the kitten can eat solid food, you should feed more dry food. Help the teeth, remove the food remaining on the teeth.

    While eating dry food, you should always prepare clean drinking water next to it. Generally, you can eat three to four meals a day. You can also put cat food and water. In the case, the kitten will eat when you are hungry.

    It now teach the kitten to use cat sands. You can put the cat sand in the pot, and then see the kitten. At that time, I took the kitten to the side and planed it in the cats in my hands. The kitten was very smart. It would be at a glance.

    When the kitten raised his tail, you can know when you squat down and you can know The kitten is to urinate. At this time, hurry up to hold the kitten into the cat sand pot.

    When the kitten is wrong, do not press its nose in size Then. In this way, it will be attracted by the smell, thinking that it is a fixed "toilet." These places should be completely cleaned to prevent cats from urination again.

    The cat can learn quickly, and the nature of the cat is the nature of the cat. As long as it is convenient to know in the cat sand pot, the kitten will naturally cover up the excrement. R n The kitten must pay attention to keeping warm and cooling, because the ability of the kitten itself is still weak, so be careful not to be too hot or freezing. The normal body temperature of the cat is about 39 degrees.
    r Do not take a bath within two months of two months, and wipe it with a warm towel. Even if it exceeds two months, it is best not to take a bath often. Generally, about two months, because the cat hair has fat on the cat hair, because there is fat on the cat hair, there is oil on the cat hair, because there is oil on the cat hair, because there are fat on the cat hair, there are fat on the cat hair It can be waterproof and dustproof. If you often take a bath, you will wash off this layer of oil. The cat is prone to dirty, and it is easy to cause skin diseases due to dry skin, or cause the invasion of parasites.

    The kitten does not need to be deworming.

    three months later, you can consider deworming and flea.

    This for fleas. By the time, about 25 yuan, 30 ml, not high toxic, you can use it for pregnant female cats. Remember to buy cats. Do not buy dogs. You can remove fleas, ear mites and cattle. For fake, you can buy in a regular pet shop.

    It you can spray the cat's whole body against the whole body, and then massage him in the hair to allow the effect of the medicine to penetrate evenly. Basically, there will be no two days in two days. Flea, a bottle can be used many times.

    Fornes are good, but the price is expensive, and it must be used up at a time, so it is not suitable to use at home. The insect extinguishing Ning, although it looks cheap, it is not cheap, and it is highly toxic. It will damage the skin of the cat. It will ulcerate.

    The use of the collar, the drug in the collar is high, and it will be useless after three months. The most important thing is that if your cat is raised, it must be climbing. If the collar hooks the branches, it will cause Danger.

    The cats with fleas must have insects in the belly of fleas, so they will lose weight. About six, the dosage is twice a day, half a piece each time, and eating for three consecutive days, the insects in the belly will be hit.

    Remember, the cat is deworming for cats every three to four months. Once.

    It to rest assured that even cats bought by pet shops need to be vaccinated, but in a very few cases, it will danger due to the cat's immune system. R n The cat's nest is very important. It mainly depends on how you are ready to raise it.
    If it is released, there will be more or less fleas on the cat. It is recommended to use a cardboard box or a plastic tidal box. Well, then throw it away and change it. If you use it, it is easy to parasitize flea eggs. In the future, the cat will not want to go in.
    If it is a family raising, there is no problem with flea. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. The kind of cloth or velvet.

    cat nest
    Most of the night nestled next to you, and there is also a place where you sleep. Your cat may rather doze off on your bed or a cushion or chair without sleeping in the nest. However, when it will be sick or unsafe in the future, Cat's Nest will be an important place to retreat, which can meet the deep needs of its heart.
    This to buy cat nests
    At present, most pet shops sell cat nests, you can buy one for your cat companion. There are many types of cat nests, from the bean bag type cat nest (large round cushion filled with polystyrene particles) to the housing cat nest in the Eskimos (this is a dome cat nest. Make it!) The traditional wicker basket is very attractive. It is said that the squeak of the basket soothed the kitten, but this basket is not easy to clean: switch to the cheap wooden box or cardboard box, which is paved with many newspapers, which is also suitable as a cat's nest. In addition, the cardboard can be treated casually and can be replaced after dirt.
    The soft and warm pads should be paved in the cat's nest, so that it is comfortable and attractive for cats. You can put some newspapers in the nest first, and then put some soft cloth. An old wool jacket can easily change to a luxurious cat. If you buy a new kitten, it may miss your mother and brothers and sisters, and you can also add a soft toy to the kitten to accompany the nest.
    Cleaning the cat's nest
    The cat is born with a clean animal. If the cat's nest is dirty, they will disdain it. So you should regularly clean the cat's nest and clean the dirt. Plastic cat nest is currently the most easy to clean, and there is also the advantages of unusual fleas. Dilute water with non -toxic disinfection agent and completely scrub the cat's nest. After the cat's nest is dry, spread a new layer of newspapers, and then hot the pad or replace it.
    Where should the cat's nest be placed?
    The cats have a quirk. I like to find the most milder place in my home and curl up my body and doze off. If your home is a central air conditioner, your cat is likely to choose to sleep near the boiler. As long as you do n’t wear the wind, it is the best place to put the cat's nest.
    Is when the weather is cold, you can add a warm cushion to the cat's nest (such as a warm cushion like an electric blanket) for cats to warm. However, the warm cushion must be placed on the side of the nest, not in the middle, so that there are both warm places and cold places in the nest so that cats can choose the temperature they like.
    The cat's sleep time
    You can bring the cat to the cat's nest, but it cannot make it sleep in the nest. It is difficult for many cats to hear the position you arranged for it at home. Even if you prepare a bed where you sleep, you are likely to find it curled up and sleep on your bed. If you don't oppose a furry "hot soup pot" sleeping on your bed, this is not a problem. But if you like to sleep quietly at night, you must set the rules in your home when you are still a kitten.
    Is when you start the sleep time system, just put the cat in the cat's nest before you are going to sleep, turn off the electric light, and close the door to the cat's nest room. Don't forget to put the cat's pots and cat water bowls in where the cat can reach. At the beginning, kittens are likely to not like this mandatory separation, but after one to two weeks, the kitten will fall asleep quietly every night.

    The feeding of cats

    The diet required by cats
    The cats without vegetarian cats in the world: cats are carnivorous animals, and they must have meat to live. But this does not mean that cats do not like or do not need to eat fruits or vegetables. There are several wild cats who like to eat some fruits or delicious vegetarian foods as a supplement to meat. For example, after killing their victims, the lions and tigers often appetizers directly, gobbled out of the digestive vegetarian soup, as yeasts that help digestion, and then taste the main dishes such as meat slices and pork ribs.
    The nutrition required for cats
    The main principles that cat feeding cats should be diversified in food. From the first day of the kitten weaning, it should be used to eating a variety of foods. Although the diet of pet cats should be at least 25 % of protein, they should take their wild distant relatives as an example. The food should be changed.
    This to provide fat and carbohydrates for cat food as a cat's physical energy, which is a smart way. Because to a certain extent, it is a waste to eat the whole protein diet of fish and meat. This is because these expensive foods only generate calories after digestion in the cat, not used to repair cells. Another reason for not feeding whole protein food is that this diet is not good for health. Excessive ingredients of raw meat in cats will produce harmful effects: only eating fish and other foods, cats will lack vitamin B; cats with only animal liver, will be abnormal Calcium and vitamins.
    If you can provide a variety of selected foods shown in the table below and the main nutritional content containing the main nutritional ingredients, the cat's diet should naturally reach balance. If you accept an old cat who has accumulated difficulties in diet, you work hard when you do cat food. If you do n’t always eat crayfish and caviar, you may pull it back from your heart to death. Essence When you have a new cat in your home, as the owner, you better change a new diet that is good for it; you will gradually increase new food in a few weeks Essence
    The nutrients
    If your cat's body is healthy, the cats you feed are wide and have a lot of tricks, you don't have to add vitamins and minerals to the cat. If you add, these vitamins and minerals will only be discharged. However, for sick cats, it is sometimes beneficial to supplement these things: for example, iron pills can help recover from anemia cats. Such treatments should only be performed under the guidance of veterinarians. Vitamins and minerals are also beneficial for female cats who are pregnant or feeding.
    Hawli can cats do not feed?
    This can survive much longer than humans, because cats lose 40 % of their weight and do not die. 10 % of 10 %, generally fatal danger). It is known that under special circumstances, cats can still survive for a few weeks of not eating or drinking water. For example, a male cat named Chipus from Liverpool, Britain, was unintentionally installed in a machine component box and was transported to Moniabasa, Kenya. Four weeks later, when the box was opened in Africa, Chipus was still although thinner, but he was still alive. It is believed that it survives by eating some oils and culprit that is coated outside the machine and a very small water produced by the condensation.
    Pre -packaged foods
    The pre -packaged foods for cat -fed cats sold on the market are mainly three types of foods: canned meat, semi -wet food and dried food. Although these three types of foods are convenient for feeding, they should only be used as part of cats, not all cats. The ideal approach is to feed fresh food at least twice a week (see page 162). This is because if you intend to allow cats to live and live healthy for a long time, this kind of monopoly food cannot provide all the nutrients needed for cats. It is said that among these foods, many foods meet the protein content (25 % -30 %) in the specified cat food. However, like humans, cats should also eat fresh food to get enough vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is too monotonous to feed cats with only this kind of food. Even if some cats can tolerate this excessive monotonous, and in terms of nutritional value, the price of pre -packaged food is quite expensive. However, at some time, you may feel that you must use pre -packaged food as the only cat. As long as you feed for a few weeks instead of adulthood; and when you feed food, you should also feed a lot of water, and your cat will not tolerate it.
    It you will find that the chemical preparations added to the processed foods in the processed foods and the similarities of the packaging foods that are eaten by others. I suspect that most of these things are to make the customers and cats of the store, not cats easier to accept. Of course, which food is the best, the most right to speak is consumers -cats. They will not be affected by advertising; they either like to taste or refuse to eat.
    cans of food
    The foods include meat, fish, salt, jelly, vitamin, chemical pigments, water, and grains. Most foods are made of fish, chicken, beef, rabbit meat, or animal organs. They contain 25 % to 30 % protein, which can be used as the main rations of cats. Can be used for canned foods. Because they have disinfected to store it. With a large amount of water, the process of canned vitamins will be reduced after the process of canned.
    Dry foods
    This biscuits include cereals, fish, meat, yeast slices, vitamins, fat and pigments. They are cheaper than canned or semi -wet foods, and are easier to store and carry. But there are the following shortcomings: low fat and protein content; and some people suspect that they can cause cats to suffer from cystitis (see p. 253). If you feed cats with dry food, you must let it drink water often.
    The soft and humid foods
    This particles contain meat, soybeans, fat, vitamins, preservatives, chemical pigments, and often thickeners and sugar. The moisture content accounts for more than 33 %. The nutritional value is not very high. Soft and humid foods are the main cats because they contain more than 25 % of the protein, and their fat content is low. This kind of food can be stored in silver foil bags, which can be stored, but it is not as long as the other two types of foods for saving

    . Be careful not to give the food for cats

    Considering health, remember not to give them food. Sometimes the owner pays attention, but the children will feed, so the whole family must be careful.

    Onion: The ingredients containing the blood red blood cells that destroy the cat, be careful not to feed the cat inadvertently.

    Fish bone, chicken bone: Some people think that cats can chew their bones well, and in fact the cat is not chewing food but swallowed. Sometimes the big bones are risked by stabbing the stomach and esophagus, or they are more assured.

    Is raw meat: Because there may be bow -shaped worms, they still eat the cat after cooking.

    Kefish, octopus: It is not easy to digest, so it cannot be eaten.

    A abalone, conch: It may induce light allergy and dermatitis, especially for cat's ears

  2. It should be not used to it, some scared ...

    The a few days when my family raised cats in the past few days

    Them or ordinary sand or ordinary sand in the bathroom

    The cats love cleanly and will take the initiative to go to the sand

    Flowers, then drink milk, you can get some fish for it

    In the place where you slaughter the fish .. It is also a lot of expenses to buy food

  3. Buy some cat sand and put them in the bathroom to make them stool there, it will not be too stinky. Cats will mess up their homes because they are very active and naughty. Buy cat food and feed them. Don't let cats drink milk. Cats will not digest milk. Cat food and cool boiling water are placed in a fixed place. They remember them once or twice. After they are thirsty, they will go to drink and drink at any time when they are hungry. Don't care too much, with themselves, cats know when they are thirsty.

  4. It's not small, it's not small, do you know without cat food, do you know the shrimp skin, grab a small pinch in the mouth, and chew a bite. After mixing and chewing, the cat loves to eat, you can try it. This is a way to raise cats when I was a kid.

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