5 thoughts on “The kitten she raised is very fierce. How can she make her loved ones gentle?”

  1. When the performance is gentle, you can enjoy a small fish. When you are fierce, you will hit it, and you will be tamed by you slowly.

  2. There are two reasons why cats are very fierce, one is born, and the other is that I have received bullying when I was young. I think I should touch him more, give him enough trust and security, and let it let it make it. Just feel that you don't have any hostility

  3. If the kitten he raised is very fierce, I think I can be gentle to him every day, and give him a different food every day, let him know that he likes him, he will slowly become very gentle to himself Essence

  4. First, it is related to the personality of the cat. Some cats are naturally docile, and some cats are more naughty.
    The cats must be a little more naughty than when they grow up. At this time, education is basically useless. You ca n’t fight, just grow naturally.
    Three are related to the living environment. If you are nervous for a long time, or are not educated by incorrectly, you will also make the cat very fierce.

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