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  1. Let's talk about it here. The cat cannot take a bath every day. If the kitten wants to remove the lice, you must use the kitten's dedicated. You cannot use a big cat because the dose is different.
    The cats can be vaccinated in three months. At this time, the immunity obtained from breast milk has almost disappeared, so to fight as soon as possible. And to fight when he is healthy, if you have a cold and diarrhea, you must raise it before you can fight.
    1. First, the cat is deworming, even if it is home, it will be dyed with a bug through the milk of the cat mother. Go to the pet hospital to buy insect repellent, usually Bayer and Miaoba. Just eat as the doctor said;

    2. After the insect repellent after a week, go to the vaccine (if the vaccine is not repeated without insect repellent, the effect may not be good), the vaccine is divided into domestic and imported imported and imported. Essence
    The is cheaper, but the immune effect is not very good, and it is generally imported.
    Cat triple couplet (three types of diseases: cat plague, cat cup -like virus infection and infectious nasal gas tubeitis), two stitches rabies one needle.
    It the first needle after the first needle is completed for 21 days, then the second needle, rabies and the second needle. Just take a shot every year in the future. Will send you an animal immune certificate ~ The time on it is written ~
    Note: Do not take a bath when the vaccine is not finished. All vaccines are finished and can take a bath after a week. keep warm.

  2. Usually, cats can be deworming and vaccine for two months. Generally, we can do insect repellent before the vaccine, so that the vaccination effect can be improved. Each vaccine of the kitten is deworming once, and you can do insect deworming once every three months after adulthood, and an in vitro deworming once a month. At 6-8 weeks of age, the cat started vaccination. The main vaccine was the cat triple and rabies vaccine. It was basically no problem after these two. After the vaccination was vaccinated in the first year Just accept it.

  3. How big a cat can be deworming
    The cats can prepare deworming medicine after 2 months, but they must be staggered with the time of vaccine, otherwise the kitten body can't bear it and it is easy to catch a cold.
    The cat deworming can choose to be integrated in the body and outside the body, or you can choose to separate from the body and the body in the body. It is recommended that the owner buy a regular manufacturer's deworming medicine from the pet store and use it according to the dose in the instructions.
    In the cat to take a bath before using insect repellent, and avoid bathing within 48 hours after using insect repellent. The in vitro deworming medicine should be dripped where the cat licks to avoid drug poisoning.

  4. Cats are generally recommended to start the first deworm at 6 weeks. Dedication in the body: Animals are recommended for each month/time, and it is recommended to be quarterly/time over 1 year old.
    In in vitro: once a month in summer, once every season in other seasons (please note that in vitro deworming medicines should be selected according to the actual condition of the cat)
    The first vaccination of a cat is called the first immunization, the first immunization needs required When the cat is at the age of February and above, the three-consecutive cats are inoculated, and the time interval between each needle is 20-21 days.

  5. Generally, you can take insect repellent and vaccine for two months to three months. If you are a home -raised cat, you can push a little back and wait for your body to be stronger.

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