How should a little cat feed?

How should I feed the kitten I just bought? How to cook it yourself? The answer is complete, so I gave this 100 points!

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  1. Although the babies are rarely sick, they are still inevitable for some small hair and small diseases, so there are still a lot of prescriptions at home. Let me introduce the Dongdong in the medicine box. Most medicines can be bought in a pharmacy, and it is very cheap. You can run the hospital without moving. I. Oral medication:

    Sidine: Many uses, can cure general colds, get angry, oral inflammation, liver disease ... and so on. After mixing water, use a syringe to inject the baby's mouth.

    Clasis: both treat constipation, but also treat diarrhea and indigestion. It is one of the cat -raising medicine.

    Matase tablets: Gastrointestinal.

    Yeast tablets: Gastrointestinal. It contains vitamin B, so it also has the auxiliary effect of insect repellent.

    Shrifidation: stop vomiting. But if you vomit the harm, you must use Smecta.

    pyrathone: deworming medicine, only available in pet hospitals to prevent tapeworms.

    Lobezole: insect repellent, only available in pet hospitals to prevent tapeworms.

    The vitamins, such as composite vitamin B, vitamin A. Commonly used as auxiliary therapy.

    The nutrition paste or Kim Stekkang, which is used to supplement trace elements. Calcium tablets are also essential in the growing baby.

    The child cold particles: It is effective for the cold of the baby, and it is still fruity. The baby is like drinking drinks

    It was the most fierce ones, but the taste was really not complimented. The baby was like a sin, but why did I recommend pinching, it had a significant effect on the vomiting and diarrhea of ​​the baby. If the baby's illness is fierce, it is recommended to consider it. After all, good medicine is bitter.

    This enzymein: It is also very effective for the vomiting therapy of the baby (just half a bottle of the puppy is just orally)

    otic virus granules: Frequently Drink as a drink for the baby. After all, cats and dogs are surprisingly afraid of heat, and it is easy to accumulate heat, and it is easy to cause various diseases. n iodine: In addition to the must -have for nourishing and fog, apply iodine to sterilization when they are caught, but do not be used on pets.

    Curaterous alcohol: disinfection.

    Themithromycin eye drops: It is used to treat eye inflammation such as conjunctivitis in the baby.

    The anti -inflammatory ear potion used for people: used to treat ear mites, which is very effective. When using it, wipe the outer ear with a cotton swab dipped in the pot, and wipe it every two or three days to slowly cure it. Basically, human use of anti -inflammatory ear drops can be used.

    others: body thermometer, cotton swab (used to rub the outer ear canal), syringe (used to do the mouth in the mouth)

    Just like human oral ulcers, you can spray them in the mouth with watermelon cream, and it will be better a week.

    This friends who recommend cats and dogs must remember to buy a cheap soap for the first time when the dog is bathing, and then use pet special fragrances. That is (that's Sulfur soap) It is best to divide the sterilization type. Normal physiological indicators of cats: 38-38.5 ° C;
    Breathing: 20-30 minutes;
    Pulous: 120-140 minutes;
    The first estrus: 180-240 days after birth;
    E estrus days: 3-10 days;
    estrus season: once every spring and autumn;
    Clene age:
    pregnancy time: 64 4 days;
    umber N production: 3-5;
    weaning time: 45 days after birth;
    adult cat weight: 3-4 kg;
    N urine volume: 20-30 ml/kg of body weight. The use of human medicine cautious can allow pets to kill people and animals with great differences, especially the regulatory function of the brain structure and brain, and the number of liver and kidney enzymes is large. These determine the effects of drugs and animals on humans and animals, and even completely opposite. For example, broken intestinal grass is toxic for people, but it is fat for pigs. For pets, there are several types of human drug toxicity. It should be paid special attention to it. Otherwise, it is difficult for dog life to be cash out. For example, it is as follows: 1. Sentelkshu and other pharmaceutical caffeine containing such substances. For excitement of the cerebral cortex and analgesic, the pets can also cause the marrow spinal cord to excitement, and the pets will appear in the stagnation and twitter and even die (chocolate also contains such substances). Second, Bone Spurs Ning Ning Ning's Chinese medicine containing Shouwu Shi Ning. Such Chinese medicine excited spinal cord caused a pet corner bow, and pets can be killed instantly. I have a client with a very beautiful purebred Chiwa to eat a grain of bone spurs, After ten minutes, he twitched and died. The owner was sad. Third, cats such as tea tree oil can cause poisoning. Pay attention to the top ten characteristics of dogs and cats, and cats and cats are often sick. To correctly judge whether the dogs and cats they are raised must be seriously observed for their lives and mental state, early detection, treatment in time, treat them in time, treat them in time. Essence Several characteristics of dogs and cats are as follows: 1. The spirit is gloomy and lazy, appetite decreases than usual, hiding in the dark corner, drowsiness. 2. Drink water frequently, howling. 3. Vomiting more than twice within 12 hours. 4, feces are soft and blood. 5. Pain occurs when touching dogs and cats, or anger for the owner. 6. Walking abnormal, unstable gait or lame. 7, frequently shake your head or scratch your body fixing part with the front and hind limbs. 8, runny nose or tears, dry nose, abnormal color of the nose. 9. Intermittent convulsions are accompanied by symptoms such as foam vomiting and lying down. 10. Eatsome and miscellaneous objects. The five major infectious diseases of the cat and the five major infectious diseases of cats refer to: cat leukemia, cat plague, cat wearing pneumonia, cat cup -like virus, cat nasal virus

    Feline Leukemia Virus is caused by white blood cell reduction; among all the cat infectious disease media, this virus is the most contagious type, which can infect this disease even with the cat once. Its clinical symptoms include decreased weight, anemia, fever, gingivitis, and diarrhea. However, due to different degrees, the diagnosis is very difficult. Blood examination must be judged. Although cat leukemia does not infect humans, its mode is similar to AIDS virus, which will cause immunosuppressive effects and cause lymphoma (a glandular cancer), leukemia (blood cancer), anemia, renal insufficiency, enteritis, etc. This virus can also be lurked in the cat's bone marrow for several years before the cat. Although the cat is more sensitive to this disease, the disease can infect any age, variety, and gender cats. The vaccine can be given the first dose at 8-10 weeks, and the second dose is given at 12-14 weeks.

    The high infectious diseases caused by Cat wool pneumonia (Feline), which is caused by CHLAMYDIA PSITTACI, mainly causes cat pneumonia. The clinical symptoms appeared in the early stage were conjunctivitis, and then accompanied by fever, severe tears, and eye secretions would become thick; rhinitis symptoms also occurred, including increased nasal secretions, sneezing, strong nose, etc. The later clinical symptoms are purulent pneumonia, which can cause breathing difficulties and pulmonary edema due to excessive secretions in the trachea and alveoli. All diseases lasted about 30 days. For more than 30 days after infection, this germs can still be found in the conjunctiva and lungs of the sick cat. Therefore, the disease cat will continue to spread the germs even if heal healing, so that the surrounding cats are infected with this condition. The vaccine can be given the first dose at 8-10 weeks, and the second dose is given at 12-14 weeks.

    This Feline (Feline) is caused by a white blood cell reduction caused by the cat. Generally, contact infection can also be transmitted through blood -sucking insects or fleas. The most susceptible to this symptoms of kittens; clinical symptoms are anorexia, depression, poor mental, high fever, persistent vomiting, dark brown blood, and finally died due to sharp decrease in the number of white blood balls and bleeding enteritis 25-75%. This virus is very tenacious, and it will even pass through the placenta to interfere with the kitten; so the female cat is best vaccinated with a cat plague vaccine before pregnancy.

    The Feline Calici Viral Disease Cat Cup Virus (Feline) mainly invades cat's upper respiratory tract, causing bronchial pneumonia or alveolar pneumonia. Clinical symptoms include tongue ulcers, fever, depression, anorexia, sneezing, drooling, increased eyes and nasal secretions, pneumonia, etc., which are similar to the symptoms of cat nasal inflammation, which is difficult to distinguish clinically. The course of disease is about 1-4 weeks; the infection rate is high but the mortality rate is different, up to 30%. If the kitten from 15 weeks to June, if the disease is infected, it will show viral pneumonia, and dies due to dyspnea; some may have neurological symptoms.

    The high infectious upper respiratory disease caused by the cat's feline virus (Feline), which often occurs in cats. Generally, contact or droplet infection is the main. The main clinical symptoms include high fever, depression, cough, sneezing, lighting of the eyes, conjunctivitis, and ulcers such as corneal, tongue, and mouth cover. A large increase in nasal secretions, secondary bacterial infections can make the secretions thick. The secretion can infect the virus; if the pregnant female cat is infected with this disease, the virus will infect the fetus through the placenta and even cause abortion.

    The prevention method: Like people, the most sensitive to the original infection within the first month of birth. Newborn kittens are usually protected from the mother cat's milk. The female cat should perform vaccine immunity before production. When the antibody in the female cat milk faded down, in order to continue and enhance the resistance to the disease, the first time the kitten should be given a series of prevention of vaccination until the age of April; Methods for strengthening each year. The purchase of cats for the first time is very simple. Of course, you should choose those kittens with lively machine -sensitive, healthy body, eyesight, fur shiny, clean buttocks.

    The cat go home when you bring back a cat, you should treat it as a family member. In the first period of time, you better take out a little more time to accompany it, bring your cat to know its bed, its pots, and its dietary place to make it familiar with the new living environment. In the first few weeks, it is necessary to develop a good time and lifestyle of cats. Maybe it also needs its neighbor -your other pets.

    Cat bed: The most needed a warm, safe and bed bed that kittens belongs to it.
    don't forget, it must facilitate your cleaning. For simple, a clean cushion in a carton can also be a comfortable nest of cats.

    The feed utensils: The cat's restaurant should not be too deep, it should not be easy to kick and easy to clean. Please put your restaurant closer to the cat's nest and do not disturb the cats to eat.

    Stoxor: Please prepare a beam for the cat and place it in a place away from the cat's accommodation. The toilet needs to be cleaned every day, because the cats with a clean sex will refuse to use unclean pots. In order to allow cats to live with you harmoniously and cleanly, I suggest that you use the "Shan" cat sand to keep the cat's hygiene and the cleaning of your indoor environment. The "Jie Shan" cats are made of natural clay. It can quickly gather after absorbing water, which is easy to remove; it also has a special effect on controlling the control of the odor. For a long time and economical, you might as well try.

    Im combing supplies: All cats, especially long hair cats, should be trained to get used to grooming and dressing for it when they are young. After enjoying the cat with a brush, your cat is comfortable and angry.

    The neck circle: Wear a beautiful neck circle for your cat. It is a good decoration and an identification mark. Once the cat is accidentally lost, the neck circle will play its role.

    This: The cat is in good nature. Give it some simple toys, watch it jumping and playful, you must be very happy. But be careful to prevent cats from swallowing toys into the stomach. How to identify the diseased cats often occur in the process of illness, and there are often various abnormal phenomena, medicine known as clinical symptoms. As long as the cat adoptors often observe the cat's daily life habits and find out the abnormal situation early, they can know whether the cat is sick in time. The abnormal manifestations of the diseased cat generally have the following aspects: mental state
    The diseased cats often manifested as listlessness, lying down, eyesless or semi -closed. The response to sound or external stimulus is slow, the heavier the condition, the weaker the response, and even coma, various reflection disappearances (such as pupils to light reflection) and so on. Some may also have the opposite spiritual abnormalities, that is, cats are excited, turning around, bite, screaming, mania, etc.
    The nutritional cats are often stricken, coke, lack of luster, weight loss, weakness. Healthy cats are usually smooth and full of hair, and muscles are plump and strong.
    The body temperature
    except that the body temperature can be directly measured with the thermometer. In general, the cat's nose can be observed. In addition, changes in the root of the ears and body epithelial can also be used as a reference basis for body temperature. Generally, healthy cat temperature is 38.0-39.5 ° C. Once a cat has increased body temperature, it is often accompanied by thirst, sorrow, slow movement, and loss of appetite.

    The abnormal gesture of the cat standing, lying down, walking, and jumping is also a disease that cat's disease. Curl up your body, put your head under the abdomen and unnatural lying posture.
    The number of normal breathing of the cat is 20 to 30 times per minute. If the number of breathing is increased or decreased, at the same time, it is difficult to breathe, the nostrils are large, and even the breath of the mouth, and the abdomen fan moves, which means that it may have respiratory diseases or other systemic diseases. However, pay attention to the changes in the normal physiological breathing of cats caused by different seasons, temperatures, and changes in activity.
    Trite appetite
    Disease cats generally have different degrees of anorexia and refusal. Of course, here should pay attention to the difference from the cats' picky habits, and pay attention to the amount of drinking the cat's drinking water. For example, when cat fever or diarrhea is dehydrated, drinking water often increases, but the amount of drinking water decreases when severe or severe failure, and even does not even drink water.
    The cat's eyes are piercing. Cat's third eye changes are also closely related to the same condition. Under normal circumstances, the third eye has an inner corner of the cat's eyes, and it is usually not visible. When the kitten is sick, the third face will protrude and cover up part of the eyeball, and sometimes it can even block half of the eyeball. The more the third face is highlighted, the more serious the condition is. In addition, the cat's eyes are very clean when healthy, and there are few secretions. If you are sick, purulent or slurry secretions will appear. When observing cat's eyes, you need to pay attention to whether the eyes and faces on both sides are symmetrical. For example, if a case of swelling, it often means that the eyes are partially sick. If both sides are swollen at the same time, most of them are caused by systemic diseases such as the heart, kidney, and severe malnutrition.
    The normal taste of the cat is light pink. When the cat has a fever, the taste becomes red, pale when anemia, is brown when there is liver disease, and purple when the disease is severe. In addition, you should also pay attention to the abnormal conditions such as blisters, ulcers, and swelling of the secretions of the cat's mouth, tongue, gums, cheeks, and throat.
    The nose
    The normal cat nose is cold and moist. Such as the cat's nasal end, it is not normal for the heating, drying, and even cracking. In addition, cats rarely runny nose, such as increased nose, which can be a sign of some kind of disease.
    The cat's two ears are freely moved, and the response to the sound is sensitive. But the sick cat is the opposite. In addition, you should pay attention to whether the cat's ear has abnormalities such as secretions and hair removal.
    Cat farewell to vomit. Cat vomiting can be divided into two types: pathological and physiological vomiting. Physiological vomiting is normal, but if it is gastrointestinal disease and fever. Colds, pneumonia, liver disease, food poisoning, foreign matter in the stomach, parasitic or gastric bleeding, and expensive ulcers cannot be taken lightly.
    coughing and sneezing
    Cats sneezing are often cold or cold. Cough implies the possibility of lung or respiratory tract infection.
    The number of cats, the shape, quantity, odor, and color of the cats, stool shape, quantity, odor, and color. If there is dry, hard, less, dark, and a small amount of mucus, it may be a sign of fever, constipation, and chronic gastrointestinalitis. For example, the feces are soft, non -forming, or water -like, and even mixed with mucus, pus, blood, bubbles, etc., indicating that the condition is severe.
    The abdomen
    Thena belly is significantly enlarged, and the abdominal wall is tight. The percussion is like a drum sound, which is a manifestation of flatulence. Instead, if the abdominal circumference is reduced and sensitive to touch, it may be peritoneal infection or abdominal pain.
    In addition to the above, we should also pay close attention to the cat's urination, drinking water, appetite, quilt, feet, claws, anus, etc. If abnormalities are found, or veterinarians should not be hesitated in time. First, the problem of rice.
    The disposable needle tube (remove the needle), 5ml. A bicycle's valve core (boiled for 15 minutes disinfection), set in the original needle, leave 1.5cm.
    If there is no cat's special milk powder. The baby's baby milk powder is boiled with 1: 7 ratio, add 1/4 of the mother -in -law (powder), a grain of cod liver oil (remove the rubber pill), 1/6 6 calcium tablets (powder); It's okay to get cold or hot.
    This with a needle tube to absorb 5ml of milk, set the valve core (this is the pacifier), hold the kitten, let him lie down, hold the cat's chin with his left palm, make his head slightly up. Squeeze a little milk, and rub it gently with a pacifier near the cat's mouth nose, it is best to let the cat take the initiative to hold the pacifier into food. Do not advance the pipeline of the needle tube too fast, it should be intermittent, so as not to hold the kitten.
    If the kitten cannot eat, cut the pacifier short, leave 0.5cm. Send the pacifier from the side of the cat's mouth and give it slowly. He should have swallowed reflexes. After breastfeeding, wipe the cat's mouth with a warm wet towel and wipe the dirt on the chin. Feed at least once every 3 hours, including at night, 2ml milk can be eaten at a time. As long as your cat can eat milk, I believe he can survive!
    Note: Do not feed the food, do not add sugar. Excretion:
    The face towel paper, soft, dipped in warm water, and gently wipe the kitten PP, showing its urination. Keep it until clean. Hush may be slightly yellow, BB should be goose yellow, thick, no digestible milk blocks (if so, the milk is thin, reduce the amount of breastfeeding, number of times).
    Prepromus, you should have a boo after each feeding, BB is not more than 4 times per day.
    Note: Do not use it too hard, dip the noodles and paper to reduce the possibility of friction and cause injuries. Rest:
    The as much as possible to provide him with a large cardboard box, you can use a large carton with a large hole on the side. The cotton pad inside. Put the cat in it. Note that the warmth function of the kitten is very poor, and the temperature difference between day and night may be fatal for him.
    Note: It is best to accompany him and let him snuggle next to people, because people and cats belong to mammals with their body temperature, which is easy to make him feel security. But don't just hug with your hands, which is not conducive to his rest. Finally: Pay attention to hygiene.
    This, pacifier, pacifier, utensils for milk, small towels and other utensils pay attention to cleaning and disinfection. Milk should be eaten now and can not be stored.

  2. How can I hold the Persian cat in 20 days? I will introduce it to you: Millet powder with the same amount of milk powder is processed into a paste, adding half an egg yolk and adding some fish soup, and fed it with a homemade bottle. It will add it for a few days. A little more than a month is to mix those things with porridge or rotten noodles. You can add some fish with a little bigger rice. The kitten can never be fed at the same time without milk and egg yolk, otherwise it will be diarrhea and cause death. Eat it alone. It is best not to eat milk. Milk powder can be eaten.

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