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  1. How to build a pet dog breeding field? Below is the method of building a pet dog breeding farm that I have carefully organized for you. Let's take a look.

    The method of building a pet dog breeding field 1 Dog field (the following dog field is a pet dog field, dog is a pet dog) site
    , Place of transportation roads and concentrated population living areas; the area should be dry, air circulation, and flowing out of the air outlet for the year; there are no livestock and poultry farms near the dog farm, no livestock and poultry slaughter and processing farm, no toxic and harmful substances Eat emission production enterprises.
    2 Dog Field layout
    2.1 Dog Farm must be isolated from the outside wall around the wall
    This on the wall with iron wire mesh. Cats, tadpoles, wild birds, etc.) and foreign personnel in and out of random. rn   2.2 严格实施消毒rn   犬场的人口处应建有一定宽度和深度的消毒池,并配置一台电动喷雾消毒机,保障运载工具和进入场内人员能够充分消毒;犬The exit of the field should also be built.
    2.3 The living area of ​​the dog field and the breeding area should strictly distinguish
    The breeders must pass the special disinfection channel into the breeding area to reach the shower disinfection room for shower disinfection and change the special workwear and work shoes in the field. It is forbidden to bring uninterrupted off -site objects to bring people to breeding areas.
    . The construction requirements of the shed house should be kept between the sheds of the dogs, and the dogs should be kept ventilated, dry, and good. Distinguish; build places and supporting facilities for sewage, stains, and use physical, chemical, biological and other methods to centrally treat sewage and sinus manure, and sewage discharge meets environmental protection and health requirements. According to the system and size of the dogs, the dogs must have room to ensure that the dogs are moving; the dog room should be equipped with tanks, sinks and sewage tanks that are easy to clean and disinfected. In order to meet the nature of dog movements, there should be a special dog sports field in order to meet the nature of dog movement. The dog's entry and exit should be equipped with a dedicated channel to prevent hybrid infections of the disease.
    3 Daily disinfection requirements of dog field
    . 3.1 Disinfection drugs should be efficient and safe, and regularly replace
    D disinfection drugs to ensure economy, efficient, low toxic, no special odor, and special custody, consider considering The resistance to the disinfection of microorganisms should not be used for a long time to use the same disinfectant for a long time, and the dog field is equipped with at least two or more disinfection drugs.
    3.2 Disinfection of dog houses and facilities regularly
    The regular and disinfection of cleaning roads, sports fields, living areas and other places in the sheds; dogs have love cleaning, and sensitive to corruption and odor. Therefore, the grooves, sinks and sewage tanks of dogs and dogs must be cleaned and disinfected every day. The dedicated disinfection channel must spray disinfection drugs with standard concentrations regularly, and the disinfection drugs in the disinfection pool must be replaced regularly.
    3.3 Disinfection of foreign vehicles, personnel and dogs
    Foreign vehicles enter the field. In addition to comprehensive disinfection of wheels and compartments, the cab, foreign staff, foreign dog species must also be comprehensively and effectively effectively manifested in a comprehensive and effective manner. Spray disinfection.
    The types of pet dogs small dogs
    Puin Dog, teddy dog ​​Janari Sherry mini Kikki Kki dog hunting dog Bagu butterfly dog ​​Yorksonia Highlands White Stalk Charlie King Marziso Ford Kane Crown Mao Meng Dog Gogh Hunting Fox Humper Silk Sirbone British Siber Japanese Permog Permes Dog n Middle Dogs
    Tirabrador Silver Fox Dog Blington Shibermine Bulls Bulls Bulk Dog Salog Dog Bargi Border Fedeing Funtelson Funtellar Swarrel Swip Shepherd Golden Found Rolling Rolling Dog of Big Dog Irish Stalk.
    Large dogs
    Daobai Bear Rowa Gaocalda Cartohado San Bernard Mastiff Great Dan Dog Dogo Afntian Dog Afghan Bit Dog Du Gao Dog Du Bonben Mountain Dog Kelly

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