Is it better for boys to support male cats or female cat?

Boys can raise cats o.o. I ask the mother -in -law to return to the mother. I think about it in all aspects. Thank you for giving you a sterilization surgery for the cat. Essence I always feel pretty scary. Essence Intersection

5 thoughts on “Is it better for boys to support male cats or female cat?”

  1. It is good for boys to support male cats, depending on personal preferences.
    Ploggly has a more sticky personality, and the mother cat is more emotional. If you like the cats who are sticking to people, then the raised cat will be better, but before the birth of the breeding, the male cat will be more naughty. The female cat is very rich in emotions, it will be cold and hot, and it is close, and the breeding experience is also very interesting.
    Ploppy cats will be larger, and female cats are petite. The male cat and female cat can actually see at a glance, because the male cat wants a big female cat. The male cat's facial features will be more stretched, and it looks more handsome, while the female cat is more petite and cute. This depends on personal hobbies.
    The male cats are simple. Female cat sterilization trouble
    The cats raised by the family need to bring it to the health of the cat. The male cat has a simple birth and recovered in two or three days. The female cat is a bit troublesome. There will be a long period of rehabilitation. The shoveling officer needs to take care of it and wait for its wound healing.
    Is or female cats, they are very cute cats. They are good for cats. Don't be picky. Look at the fate, maybe you can pick up the little milk cat in a while.

  2. It is recommended to adopt female cats. The female cat is better to raise.
    In terms of personality, female cats are generally well -behaved. The male cat was very noisy in his childhood. Although the female cat was also troubled when she was a child, she was basically quiet in adulthood. Some male cats who are relatively fat may often look quieter because they are too fat.
    The personality. Cats are proud, and they have always been alone, and rarely live in groups. Due to fertility, female cats, as the saying goes, are "just for the mother". Most of the female cats performed relatively calm and indifferent, and they rarely actively show their dependence on the owner. After the female cat has a kitten, the territory awareness will increase. This is mainly to protect their children, because the cat is small than other animals, and the probability of injury is high.
    Them female cat breeding guidelines

    Is to fully consider the degree of acceptance of cats in the family before raising cats, because cats will become your family members like them. The kittens will be healthier for more than 6 weeks. It can be immune to the earliest 10 weeks. The second immunization is 2 days after the first immunity.
    10 cats above the age of age should take insect repellent every three months to drive away parasites in the body. The usage and amount should be strictly obeyed to avoid accidents. Cats without the vaccine cannot take a bath. After bathing, the resistance can cause more serious problems. I really feel that dirt can be wiped with hot towels.

  3. Personally, I think that Yanggong cats are better (my man), in fact, the mother's mother is almost the same. If it is a male cat, there is no need to do that surgery. Cats are not like dogs (mating when they encounter the opposite sex), and there are not many people raising cats now, and they are raised at home and do not release them. So don't worry too much about mating

  4. 1. If you are a appearance association, male cat is a good choice.

    The face value is generally higher than the female cat. Adult male cats can make cheeks, hair is also more likely to be stronger than female cats. It is easy to gain weight and basically grow to more than 10 catties. The adult female cats are basicly linked, their heads look smaller than their bodies, and they generally weigh 6-8 pounds. So if you want to have a cat that is cute and fat, the male cat is a good choice.

    2. Like quiet and gentle cats, it is better to choose a female cat

    . In terms of personality, female cats are generally well -behaved. The male cat was very noisy in his childhood. Although the female cat was also troubled when she was a child, she was basically quiet in adulthood. Some male cats who are relatively fat may often look quieter because they are too fat.

    . The call of the little female cat's estrus is very distressing. Most people can't stand it, so either find her boyfriend to match or sterilize early. After 3 months, the male cat has always been raised alone. If you have not seen other cats, you may not be in estrus (depending on the individual's situation, my cat friend is 3 years old and has never been affectionate.) Essence But once the male cat is in estrus, it is also a disaster. Even if it has been equipped with a little female cat, it will be in estrus repeatedly, and the most afraid is to urinate.

    3. If you want a kitten, please raise your little cat

    The girls want kittens from birth to grown up, so they often choose female cats. Because the kitten cub is so cute, you can use the kitten to change the nutritional fee to reduce the pressure. Breeding life is a wonderful process. Many people want to witness their beloved cats give birth to their babies. And if you are raising a male cat, if you want to leave a cat baby, you need to find a reliable cat friend and give birth to a baby to give yourself one (the trust between people is sometimes fragile), and it must be Worried about whether you will be plane by the other party.

    4. Cats who like sticking people, please choose male cats

    Generally speaking, male cats will be more sticky than female cats. As the female cat grows independently, the male cat still retains the child's childishness (especially the male cat with sterilization). If you are a severe cat patient, choose a male cat, and you must stick to you as soon as you return home. You have to scratch and hug you, and you have to sleep with you. Is it very cute ~

    It ’s very nobble than you love to eat. As long as you take a little biscuits, you will be ravaged by you haha. Male cats are more likely to respond to the owner. Usually he will be curious to be by your side, or if you call him his name, he will come. (I am a female cat, really quiet and cold, I do n’t give it, I really want to cry ~)

    how to do it. Eye, everything is a cloud hahaha. Every cat's personality will be different. The face value has its own value. It doesn't matter if you really like the cat or female cat ~

  5. As a partner's pet, it should be said that the male and female cats are not much different.
    We two can become loyal partners of cats. However, different gender cats are also different. Generally speaking, male cats are lively, innocent and cute, smart and smart, and have strong ability to receive training than female cats. The physique is stronger than the female cat, the disease resistance is strong, and it is easy to raise. Therefore, the elderly or introverted people are better to support the male cat. However, the male cat is irritable and offensive, which may be scratched or other small animals and items. After sexual maturity, "peeing" everywhere to delineate its own sphere of influence, there is a unpleasant smell. The female cat is relatively docile and rich in feelings. Easy to establish a deep relationship with the owner, love the family and is easy to raise, but the female cat is more timid. Poor abilities. In addition, after the female cat matures, in the reproductive season, it will be estrus every three weeks. When the female cat estrus, the female cat is called all night, and the call is unpleasant, and at the same time, they often run out of the outdoors for puppets. If it is developed, it will be pregnant and give birth to a baby, and it needs the owner to spend more energy.

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