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  1. There are the following points:
    1, knowledge advantage.
    The college students have higher levels of knowledge, and they are groups with relatively dense knowledge, intelligence and vitality. They enjoy the division of labor in the professional field and have strong professional ability. Advantages, such as computer network knowledge.
    2, vitality advantage.
    The college students who have just entered the society are young and energetic, courageous, have no heavy burden, have strong social adaptability; strong self -confidence, you will have passion to experience things you recognize.
    3, creative advantage.
    The college student has a strong understanding, strong ability to learn knowledge, and is good at accepting new things. Active thinking and innovative ideas, can quickly internalize the knowledge of what they have learned into ability to create. With creativity means innovation, innovation ability is derived from creative thinking. A successful entrepreneur must have the personality traits such as independence, heterogeneity, imagination, novelty, spirituality, and keenness.
    4. Government policy support advantage.
    In order to promote the entrepreneurship of college students, governments at all levels have successively introduced preferential policies for registration, loans, taxes, and training.
    The disadvantage of college students 'entrepreneurship
    1. The initiative of college students' entrepreneurship is insufficient. Many college students will consider entrepreneurship under the premise of not finding a suitable job.
    2. College students of contemporary local universities lack an objective evaluation of their own entrepreneurial ability. They are psychologically prepared for entrepreneurial difficulties. Many students have the idea of ​​quick success and profits. Entrepreneurship preparations are not expected to be insufficient for risks and difficulties to be planted in the entrepreneurial process.
    3. Many college students have formed the intellectual disabilities of individual learning, becoming a stumbling block for entrepreneurial actions.
    The opportunity for college students to start business
    (1) Have a certain entrepreneurial environment and conditions. The relevant legal system and policies of the country are gradually improved and improved, providing a legal system guarantee for college students to start their own business. A large number of basic service agencies and facilities such as electricity, communication, transportation, finance, insurance, and other conditions have also been improved and gradually complete, providing a good environment and conditions for independent entrepreneurship.
    (2) College support. In order to solve the problem of employment difficulties of college students, colleges and universities and their employment guidance departments have also done a lot of work. Such as a college student entrepreneurial elective course. Invite entrepreneurial successful people to talk about entrepreneurial experience, let college students master the basic policies and knowledge of entrepreneurship; and carry out college student entrepreneurial planning competitions. Entrepreneurship forums and other activities, cultivate students 'interest in entrepreneurship, and exercise students' entrepreneurial ability in practice.

  2. The first advantage is that the country is developing and supporting college students' entrepreneurship today. For example, the state has set up a college student entrepreneurial development fund and association, specializing in funding to give college students with ideas and practical ability. The second advantage is that the innovation ability of college students is strong and flexible. The third advantage is that it has knowledge and theoretical support, which can be greatly improved. The fourth advantage is that college students are facing a bright development environment, which can effectively protect the early college entrepreneurs. The fifth advantage is that college students are young people. The creative passion and the atmosphere of entrepreneurship can effectively promote career development. There are also disadvantages of college students' entrepreneurship. The first is the issue of funds. It is a big problem for college students who have entered the society. The second disadvantage is that the market concept is weak. The third disadvantage is that there is insufficient entrepreneurial experience, good ideas, but not enough social feasibility. The fourth is that the disadvantage is that the independent personality has not yet been shaped completely, and it may be difficult to adjust after being hit in society. The fifth disadvantage is that the commercial value of the planned book is not matched with the expected goals, and it is easy to cause a loss of a large number of large returns

  3. Five advantages:
    1. Young and vigorous, can bear hardships and stand hard work
    2. Have more theoretical knowledge
    3. There is no big family burden, and you can even get the support of the home
    4 The country's support policy for college students' entrepreneurship
    5. College students have strong ability to understand, and can improve their ability in entrepreneurship, increase experience

    five disadvantages:
    1. Blind and optimistic, the understanding of the market is optimistic, talked about the soldiers on the paper, without actual experience and experience
    2. Eager to seek success, lack of market awareness and business management experience
    3. Lack of commercial credit, there are not too much in society in society. Famous, unable to attract investment and fancy
    4. Lack of projects with business prospects, novel ideas cannot withstand the test of market development
    5. Lack of interpersonal relationships and interpersonal network marketing methods of related environment circles and interpersonal network marketing methods

  4. First of all, the advantage is that the biggest advantage is the youngest advantage. We have full energy and have the passion of entering the society. 2. If college students are professional, they will have professional knowledge to achieve precise entrepreneurship. 3. In contemporary society, the government and schools encourage college students to start a business. We have more opportunities, more development space, and support of corresponding policies. 4 University students have no worries after starting a business. They can boldly use their imagination. 5. At the stage of college students, parents are healthy, and they do not have a family business. There is no heavy burden of money. Next, the shortcomings, 1. Without full experience, it is easy to be deceived, so college students must be vigilant. 2. Young people are prone to impulse and extremely easy to take detours. 3. Some people have supported their respects from a young age, and they are not easy to persist in encountering setbacks. 4. I wasted time during college and did not learn professional knowledge. 5. Can't withstand the temptation of society, it is easy to go astray.

  5. The first advantage: first of all, the national level. For college students' entrepreneurship, the national policy is encouraged to start a business. The second advantage: It has the support of incubation centers in various schools or elsewhere, which greatly reduces the cost of entrepreneurship in college students. The third advantage: most of the college students are 18-24 years old, and they are old and beautiful, and they can stand the test and setbacks. The fourth advantage: college students have a strong learning ability, and they also have knowledge and skills storage for their own projects. Fifth advantage: rich in connections. The first disadvantage: lack of social experience. The second disadvantage: the management ability is slightly lacking. The third disadvantage: less technical practice. The fourth disadvantage: start the issue of funds. Fifth disadvantage: marketing strategy for a commodity to start a business.

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