1 thought on “What kind of life attitude does Chen Weiting, "shovel officer", after breeding pets?”

  1. Chen Weiting likes cats, and it is indeed a shoveling officer. In fact, his life is quite indifferent. He made his debut in Hong Kong and later started to fight in the Mainland. He made a series of TV series. We did not comment on acting skills, but he did not comment, but he really had good resources. At that time, he was very good. "Dynasties" made Chen Weiting a national boyfriend, with high face value and eight -piece abdominal muscles, and he developed, dancing, dancing, and acting in diverse development, seeing his life is quite low -key. After breaking up with Cai Zhuoyan, he is usually a cat and fitness. Of course, the biggest hobby of this male god is skiing. If you meet him at the ski resort It is a good thing to disappear for a while. It is a good thing to love sports. Instead of a handsome guy like Chen Weiting, there is a perfect mermaid line that everyone should love.
    Chen Weiting loves sports. He is a fitness expert in the entertainment industry. There are several sports masters. The premier one should be Chen Weiting and Peng Yuyan. Chen Weiting also likes running, fitness, and various sports. The brand likes to find him to endorse. It is really important to have a good body and a figure in the entertainment industry. We see that Chen Weiting loves fitness, but also likes cats and dogs. Passive, after all, he did not learn to perform. Before he said he was singing and dancing, but he was very serious, as if he was in the emotions when shooting "Shushan War" with Zhao Liying. When the lines, the lines and emotions will be brought out of the play, causing Zhao Liying to laugh.
    Chen Weiting has no negative news. He has always been a positive artist Chen Weiting for so many years. Whether in the Mainland or Hong Kong, he has basically no negative news except for the scandal with Yang Ying and Cai Zhuoyan. After making a lot of movies, although there are no big splashes, Chen Weiting has never given up his career. He has to say that his singing and dancing are really powerful, and his "Old Nine Gates" and "Orange and Red Age", especially "Southern Southern" There is a good acting skills. Although the editor thinks that the TV series such as "Living Living", some of the clips made by Chen Weiting's brother are a little embarrassing, but they can't hold the high value.
    Chen Weiting is actually quite indifferent now. From the time he can eat noodles in his longing life, it is a true child. Of course, Xiaobian really likes Chen Weiting's play that is handsome or police officers. It is very interesting and is masculine. Raising his hands is all hormones and walking. Chen Weiting's mature sexy. drop.

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