5 thoughts on “Ms. Shen lost 32,000 yuan of cats worth 32,000 yuan through the flash delivery platform.”

  1. In China, the legal awareness of pets is not strong, and many consignment platforms have not paid attention to pets, so that pets will be lost.
    During the recent section, Ms. Shen sent a cat worth 32,000 yuan through the flash delivery platform. After all, the cats lost in this incident only compensated only 2,000 yuan!
    It is unacceptable for the owner, but it reflects the fact that the pets do not pay attention to pets in society, and this is not the case abroad.
    . There is no special legal document for pets in China, resulting in the existence of "not much value" for pets as "not much value". As life becomes better, many families will raise valuable pet cats or dogs! When traveling or moving, you have to go to the consignment because you cannot directly bring your pet.
    , as this lady, because of the flash delivery platform, it lost a cat worth 32,000 yuan! After the incident, this incident is actually a bad evaluation on the Internet.
    On the one hand, everyone feels that it is right for the shipping company to refuse women. After all, what cats and other moves can be moved at all; on the other hand, everyone will pay attention to the current law. No tough requirements.
    . Because there is no legal protection, it is common to lose pets, stealing, etc. It is like this. In the face of the loss of the cat, the courier personnel did not find a cat at all. The process is compensated.
    , as a victim, I do n’t know if my cat is sent! Is it lost on the road! I don't know if it was stolen, but I can only get the amount of 2,000 yuan in compensation for the platform!
    The is a great crime to lose cats. It can only be said that the recognition of pets in China is still very low, so that everyone feels that "pets are lost". It's really helpless.
    This in China has no legal documents for pets, and no managing management can lead to constant loss of pets.

  2. Ms. Shen was lost by a cat worth 32,000 yuan through the flash delivery platform. Pet delivery is always not valued because the system of the express industry is not perfect. Of course, the responsibility and overall quality of the courier will cause customers Express delivery responsibility is not enough. Of course, there are also omissions in the insure of valuables in the express delivery industry. It should be explicitly stipulated in the insured price of valuables.

  3. Because they are thinking that they will not happen, people are relatively relieved of the platform, but in fact, the platform does not have a reasonable and reasonable transportation of pet regulations, so this kind of thing often occurs. Delivers do not specifically train and transport pet regulations, and users will feel that users will feel that they will feel that they will feel that they will feel that The platform will help

  4. The reason why pets are not valued may be that this market is too niche. Few people will send their pets, so rarely pay attention to this aspect.

  5. I think this is not stipulated by our national law, which makes the platform not pay attention to it. If there is a protection of law, I believe that the platform treats the losses and treat it seriously.

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