4 thoughts on “Can I bring dogs by self -driving? What are the effects?”

  1. For young people like your pets, if you want to go out, you are afraid that your dog's dogs are not taken care of, so if you have conditions, you especially want to take the dog out to travel by yourself. The downstream is indeed very convenient for people, but if you bring a dog, it will have some effects. The dog may also experience motion sickness during the bumpy process of the dog, and if the owner goes out to stay in the hotel, there are many many, many many, many many people will be many. The hotels cannot accept pets. When bringing dogs, you must prepare a lot of daily necessities and related medicines for the dogs, and you need to see the dogs at all times.
    If out of driving travel, if you go out with a dog, you must plan the route in advance. When you set the hotel, you must ask if this hotel can purchase it. Go in. People can come to a trip, but if you bring a dog, there will be some restrictions. Like some larger hotels, as well as attractions and more prosperous places, they may not let the dogs go in. At this time, the owner will increase a lot of trouble.
    If you want to bring a dog, take care of the dog in the middle, prepare a lot of daily necessities for the dog, such as the tools for eating and drinking water, as well as dog food and dog snacks. The important thing is that there are results. The country may still motion sickness during the car, and the dog will vomit nausea on the car, and when the fruit is a strange environment, it may be very nervous and anxious. Uncomfortable diarrhea. Therefore, if the owner is distressed by the dog, he must bring some daily medicines to prevent diseases.
    It if some dogs can enter the scenic area, it is actually not convenient. There are more people in the scenic spot. If the dogs are frightened, impulse and bite may occur. Moreover, some scenic spots include animals with local characteristics, such as monkeys, birds, etc. dogs may be more excited after seeing it, and may hurt other small animals. Therefore, I recommend that if you go out to travel by yourself, it is best to find a place to foster the dog. It is best not to bring it out to avoid trouble to yourself.

  2. Self -driving tours can bring dogs, but you need to formulate the corresponding route before departure to ensure that the dog will not have physical discomfort during the trip, and you must bring the corresponding items. It may affect the mood of traveling. During the travel process of dogs, a series of emergencies affect the health of the dog, and the dog may be inconvenient to eat and drink in the car, causing a series of troubles.

  3. Self -driving tour can not bring dogs; if you bring dogs in the process of self -driving tour, it will affect your travel, which will delay your schedule, affect your return time, and lead to a series of changes in a series of changes greatly changes. The serious affecting travel is not allowed to enter most of the ending.

  4. I don't recommend carrying dogs when driving; affecting the speed of travel, affecting the route planning, affecting the environment of the vehicle, affecting the living environment of people, and affecting the mood of drivers.

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