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  1. Another annual Double 11 Shopping Festival, what are the cat supplies that are shocked by heaven, please listen to Rui Rui to recommend it! rnrn除毛刷rn最简单的反而是最令人惊喜的,像图片里这种类型的除毛刷只要在衣服或者沙发上来回划拉几遍,r N cat's hair can be adsorbed, and it can also be used. It is more environmentally friendly than rubber paper drums

    It must not use our 3 seconds of bars to deodorize spray
    In the persimmon tannins in the "sulfur" and "ammonia" in the excrement. Stimulation, spraying on pets does not matter!
    If you are annoyed by the odor of your pet, please believe me, you will be shouted and easy to use!

    Wood's lamp
    As a shoveling officer, in the process of raising cats, it is inevitable to deal with "cat ringworm". At this time, it is easy to be infected with Rui Rui's cats to go to the hospital for a skin check every time I do a skin examination. Dozens of pieces of light at a time

    are finally bubbled by the soft grinding of Rui Rui, The product manager introduced the Wood's Lantern for Pet Hospital

    icidal to the part of the cat ringworm, you can use the fluorescent green to determine whether there is a cat ringworm

    The Wood's Lantern can also take out the cat's urine stains. It can be said that this is the most worthy good thing!

    This chloride tablets
    This sheets, pillows, nest pads are more or less accumulating dust mites, cat dandruff, cat hair, and bacteria we invisible When the body's resistance decreases, all kinds of skin diseases such as itching and ringworm of the skin will come to the door. So after raising cats, it is important to regularly carry out deep sterilization and cleaning of the home environment and fabrics!

    The disinfection products that are safe and disinfected with pets are particularly important!
    In order to meet this demand, Dr. Ruide's newly listed Ruivis can solve this problem ~
    The small bubble tablet can dilute a whole bottle, and it is enough every week to use enough every week. One month

    The virus and bacterial activation rate for cats and dogs can be as high as 99.99%

    Secretly saying that the product manager has been asked by the product manager, the secondary chloro acid is used for it. Clean fruits and vegetables, so our product's little brother's kitchen is always prepared for serial chloride tablets

    deep sea fish oil
    If you want the kitten to make a lustrous color, you can just buy the right fish oil. It's! First of all, fish oil is not only IQ tax, but the most worthy cat nutritional supplement. Because the rich Omega-3 in fish oil is beneficial to the cat's blood vessels and hearts, it is also an important factor that makes cats fluffy and lit.

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