4 thoughts on “To raise a cat, can you feed the food of the family except for cat food?”

  1. Cats can eat human food. However, pay attention to select the right ingredients when feeding, such as chicken breasts, lean meat, fish, eggs, goat milk powder, and so on. Do not put too much seasoning for cats for cats, it is best to cook directly in white water, otherwise it will increase the burden of cat digestive tract and kidney, affecting the health of cats.
    Cats can eat various boiled meat. Although there are many cat food on the market, most of the cat foods are very dry and need cats to drink plenty of water. But cats do not like to drink water, so eating cat food often affects cat's digestive tract health. Therefore, it is important to eat some normal foods for cats. Cats like to eat meat, such as chicken breasts, lean meat, and beef, which are very popular. Put the ingredients directly in the water and cook it. Cut into small pieces can be eaten for the cat. Cats do not need to be too delicate, there is no need to feed according to the proportion of cat food circulating on the Internet and food. If you raise cats in that way, the owner will be tired, which will seriously affect the mood of pets. Therefore, you usually go to the supermarket to buy some meat to cook for the cats, so you don't need to care about the interval.
    Fish is a cat's favorite food. Cats like to eat fish, so in addition to eating various lean meat for cats, you can also buy some fish to feed. However, it should be noted that cats that are too small in the month cannot eat fish, because they may be stuck by fishbone. In addition to fresh fish, you can also buy some dried fish and chopped them in cat food, which can also make cat appetite.
    Stated some eggs for cats. The nutrition contained in eggs is not only good for humans, but also helps the health of cats. When feeding cats, you can mash the egg yolk and in cat rice or cat food, but the egg yolk is dry, so it is best to let the cat drink more water. If a cat doesn't like to drink water, you can also drink goat milk powder for cats. The ingredients of goat milk can be perfectly absorbed by the cat, which not only stronger the cat's bones, but also increase nutrition. It can also allow cats to absorb moisture to a certain extent and avoid problems such as bloating and constipation.

  2. The foods we eat can not be fed. Only the cat that can be eaten properly. It is best not to feed other foods. Because the cat's body structure is different from us, it can’t grow. Time eat these spices of humans. Will get sick.

  3. Foods that people eat are generally not feeding, because some kittens can only eat some cat food, or they can eat some chicken breasts or nutritious foods, but you can’t just eat some cats like people like people as people. food.

  4. Can't. Because this is likely to cause cat diarrhea, it is likely to cause the cat's gastrointestinal function to be destroyed, which is very unhealthy. This behavior is not worth promoting.

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