1 thought on “Is the frozen dried chicken breast? Is it nutritious if you eat it?”

  1. 1. The amount of frozen -drying feeding

    Am cat owner should pay attention to feeding according to the specific situation of the cat when feeding the cat. If the cat is relatively small, pay attention when feeding Some can be fed two to three. If the cat is relatively large and the amount of food is relatively large, you can feed the cat five to ten. Moreover, the cat owner should pay attention to the cat's cat age when feeding the cat. Generally, the frozen dried is suitable for cats who are more than three months old, so the cat owner should pay attention when feeding.

    2 · Frozen dried feeding method

    The method of frozen dried when feeding, cat owners can directly feed, such frozen dried is relatively hard, for It is more suitable for cats who like to eat to wear teeth. The cat owner can also mix the frozen dried cats in the cat's cat food. The taste of frozen dryness is more fragrant, so even cats who don't like cat food will eat cat food and freeze -dried cats.

    . If the cat owner feels that the frozen dried hard cat can't eat it, you can soak the frozen -dried freeze with warm water before feeding, and then feed the cat. Cats are easier when eating, and the content of water in the freezing and drying of water is richer, and it can also supplement the cat's water.

    3 The choice of frozen dried should be paid attention to

    . Although the frozen dried is a cat's snack, it is also eaten into the stomach. The cat owner still needs to pay attention when choosing. If the cat owner chooses to the cat casually, it is difficult to say if the cat eats bad frozen dried body. Therefore, when choosing, the cat owner should pay attention to the selection of frozen dryness, such as meow fresh frozen, personally think it is good, and the taste can be selected more, and cats also like to eat.

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