4 thoughts on “Does pets also have spirituality? Why was it scared by a balloon?”

  1. Many people now like pets at home, and more and more people have begun to fall in love with pets. Most families will have them. According to their respective love, they raised their favorite pets. Some people love cats, and they started to raise cats. There are all kinds of cats of various varieties. There are always one that you like. Some people love dogs, so there are many videos on the Internet. I see a lot of people like Er Ha, although it has a handsome appearance, changing IQ, loved to dismantle, and it is also very not shoveling. Easy.
    Many people like pets. They are not just pets. More people treat them as their own family and accompany themselves all the way. Pets are also very spiritual. As long as you are good to it, it will treat you to you Well, they will be grateful, many times they can understand the meaning of the owner, and they can also understand the owner's joy and sorrow. Especially dogs are very loyal. When the owner encounters danger, the dog will run over regardless of the body. Another netizen said that he was grateful to his dog and saved her life. When the fire in the middle of the night, the dog woke up. Afterwards, she hugged her dog tightly. Thank you really, if there is no it, she may have lost her life.
    Recently, there is a funny short video on the Internet. In the video, the owner took a balloon. When the dog didn't pay attention, he broke the balloon and looked at the dog's response. Not light, both afraid and curious. The online game god commented that the dog said: Although I am not human, you are a real dog. In fact, not only dogs, other pets will be scared, and only cats, scare people's screams. It is estimated that it is really frightened. It is not easy when pets. Quality, otherwise it will be broken sooner or later.

  2. I think animals are of course spiritual, because animals can interact with humans, and they will also have some very warm behaviors and things they are afraid of, so they are scared by balloons.

  3. There is spirituality, all things in the world have spirituality. He may treat this balloon as an enemy and threatened things, so he will be scared by a balloon.

  4. It is spiritual. In fact, small animals will be scared for strange things and the first time they see. They are also very timid.

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