3 thoughts on “Where is the regular pet shop of tabby cats and long hair blue -eye purebred cats in Nanjing?”

  1. If you want the first puppet cat with blue eyes, my family Bobo was bought home on the cat house on the Central North Road in Nanjing. I started eating and drinking normally on the day of picking up. Cat. Originally, I still stayed in the cognition of a cat's loved ones. Later, I found that the closeness of the cat to the person is completely different from the dog. When the small meat pad with a soft powder was patted on my face, my God was that that day. It feels that the legs are soft and sprouting instantly. Because my cat is the first time to raise it, there are many questions. The boss answered my question every time. Until I could take care of him, I was on duty. Buy ugly, unhealthy cats, so there are still physical stores. Fortunately, this time is the old store. Only a regular cat house for cats for more than ten years. There are many cats. I really like cats.

  2. Baidu or Gaode Map search for the inn, drove directly to navigation, I found it like this, and I immediately went to the other with a short foot. I could drive home in a few days and be happy. The little guy is very healthy and lively. Oh yes, many people drove a place where they wanted to park, and the shop's door was good.

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