1 thought on “How to distinguish between American short -haired cats and toy tiger cats”

  1. Toy tiger cats are tiger patterns (the variety is new and has not seen information about being certified internationally, and cannot be judged whether it is a new variety of cats recognized. Take Britain as an example, a pet tiger leather cat usually sells at 550 pounds (about 1100 1100 (about 1100 1100 The price of £ 1,100 ($ 2,200). The price of cats is higher, which is 2,500 pounds ($ 5,000).), It is completely different from the shortness of the United States.
    The most common beauty of beauty is the standard spot pattern. Most people also call it a butterfly pattern, because the butterfly -shaped patterns on the shoulders on both sides, the limbs are evenly distributed with ring stripes, connected to the body's markings. There is also a uniform ring on the tail. There are several complete collar marks on the neck and chest, the more the better. The wrinkled pattern on the forehead forms a complex "M" shape. There is one or several circle -like patterns on the body [like a cow's eye pattern]
    Themore and the following patterns: solid color, tabby, fish bone, Sanskrit and gradients.

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