5 thoughts on “What kind of cats are more docile?”

  1. 1. Benin Cat
    Mine cats are native to Maine, USA. They are the largest cats in the world. They can reach 1.2 meters in length. Although Maine cats are very large, their temperament is dumb, close to people, and is very understandable. It is very intimate for the owner. It is a kind of cat that is very obedient. In addition, the Maine Cat has a strong adaptability and can also go out with the owner. It is absolutely full of security.
    2, puppet cats
    The puppet cats known as "Little Fairy in the Cat" are very friendly to people, mild personality, and strong patience for pain. The same, very obedient and obedient, very suitable for family breeding with children. Do you want to raise a high -value and obedient puppet cat?
    3, Siamese cats
    A Siamese cats called "dogs in cats" are very loyal to the owner, and they almost obey the owner's orders, and they will recognize a master in their lives. If they are abandoned, it is very good May die depressed. If you want a cat who takes you to you, you might as well raise the Siamese cat.
    4, Garfield
    Garfield is a variety of artificially cultivated. There are no skills to survive in the wild. They know that once the owner is left, they will not survive, so almost all Garfield will please the owner. Cats will take the initiative to please you.
    5, hairless cat
    Canadian hairless cats, also known as Sphinx cats, are breeds that are specially developed for cats who are allergic to cat hair. Although the appearance looks like an alien and looks a fierce look, in fact, their personality is docile and likes to get along with humans, and IQ ranks first in the cat world. It is well completed.
    6, American short cats
    American short -haired cats like elves. The police are brave, mild in personality, be patient, and obey the owner. Beautiful short cats are really good. Even if you accidentally hurt it, you will not be able to say it. Beautiful short cats are very cooperative to the owner's instructions, and they are definitely an obedient cat.
    7, Russian blue cat
    Russian blue cats have the reputation of "nobles of short hairs" and "winter essence". They have a relatively quiet, docile, and fear of life. First, a cat who likes to please the owner. It is very good to get along with other pets at home, which is very suitable for family breeding. Beautiful and pleasing cat, are you sure not to raise one?

  2. The puppet cat is more docile. Because the puppet cats are particularly sticky, they are not particularly naughty, they only stay with the owner.

  3. British short -haired cats, because he is very docile and easy to get close to others in his daily life; there is Abi Cat; then Persian cat, that's it; and German rolling cat, the United States Short -haired cat.

  4. I personally feel that the cats, Persian cats, puppet cats, these cats are like this. Although they generally don't like to move, they are understanding and very smart.

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