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  1. Many friends usually raise some small pets at home. After a long time, there will be deep feelings. The most of the pets of pets will be seen. Then, I will introduce some pets with long life.
    The life of cats is related to varieties, gender, living conditions, diseases, etc. The average life expectancy of cats raising cats is 12 to 15 years old; however, as they live more and more "petty assets", the life of many cats can be more than 20 years. For cats raised at home, do you know how old it is now? How is life span calculated?
    On the premise of "there is no major accident, hunger, and the living environment is relatively healthy", the average life of cats is 12-15 years old, but now even cats who live to 20 years old are not a small number. This is because the cats with a nutritious cat for cats are not allowed to leave the cat, and there are more and more owners who can feed cats at home. No matter what kind of disease, the owner can send the cat to the animal hospital for diagnosis and treatment, which is also a major reason for cats to live long. Generally speaking, long hair cats have a longer life than short -haired cats; cats raised indoors are longer than their lives in the wild; male cats have longer life than female cats.
    The life of dogs will be different due to the different dogs. Under normal circumstances, the average is about 9-12 years. But even if any long -lived dog is about 20 years. It is basically rare for more than 20 years. However, with the improvement of the medical level, the life of dogs has also increased. Different from other animals, the common nature of the dog is about half a year before the death period, and the dog continues the physical strength and strength of the middle period.
    The turtles symbolize longevity. To say that in pets, the longest life is to be selected. Only the turtles can be elected. There are three types of turtles: water turtles, land turtles, semi -water habitat. The real turtle refers to the turtle, and the male character of this turtle becomes black, so it is called a turtle. Generally, the life expectancy of turtles can reach more than 40 years, and even some varieties with short life can be about 20 years. In recent years, more and more people have raised turtles as pets. Feed the turtle and tease the turtle after the busy work of the day to relax yourself, so as to eliminate the fatigue of the day and add a lot of fun to life.

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