What should I do if the sewer is blocked by cat hair?

What should I do if the floor drain is blocked by cat hair?

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  1. 1.
    M products such as sewer dredging agents are directly introduced into the sewer dredging agent into the sewer, which can well clear the hair in the sewer, and this sewer dredging agent will not cause any damage to the sewer.
    The rattan dredging method needs to order some long iron nails on the rattan, and then stretch the rattan into the sewer to constantly stir the sewer to relax the sewer. Finally, take the opportunity to sprinkle the opportunity To get thick -roasted alkali, you can pull out the hair inside.
    The main substance of the chemical reaction of the hair is protein. Therefore, you can buy the amino enzymes

  2. The sewer was blocked by cat hair, what should I do? You can pour the detergent in the sewer, just open the water as soon as the water is opened.

  3. 1. The first trick: The principle of the chemical leather dumplings is to use the vacuum produced by the leather tweezer and the sewer entrance, resulting in a local low pressure. In the process of pulling the skin of the skin, the force in the sewer will surge towards the direction of the sewer entrance. This traditional sewer method actually sucks the foreign body in the sewer and adjusts the posture ...
    2. The second trick: chemical decomposition method

  4. In this case, it should be dredged, because it can't do so, because it will affect all our lives, so we should really use the dredging machine to open them first, which is the best for us. Otherwise, the impact on you is really great.

  5. If the sewer is blocked by a cat hair, you can find a fine iron wire end and a hook, so that the cat hair can be hooked.

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