4 thoughts on “The cat is born with a bow under the nose. How cute is such a cat?”

  1. The lovely value is full.
    The netizens shared the cute appearance of their own kittens. I saw a white bow knot appearing on the lips on the upper lip of the kitten. There were two black spots on the bow, and it showed a uniform distribution state. Netizens have said: The kittens with a bow are very cute, as if a gentleman in real life has always been infecting the people around him.
    This cat belongs to the typical Chinese garden cow and cats. The whole body is black and white, but the bow below the nose is particularly distinctive. In real life, the color distribution of cows and cats is not uniform, and the state of random distribution is presented. There are not two kittens in the world, especially cows and cats.
    The kittens with bow are not only cute, but in the gentine video, the kitten has always maintained an elegant state of eating and walking. It is not anxious. The hostess carefully took care of the daily life of cows and cats, and made cows and cats. In fact, this dairy cat is not only very cute, but a lot of elegant gestures.
    Actually, no one can refuse the very cute kitten, whether it is Chinese traditional cats or cats and dogs selling expensive cats in the market. In addition, when the shoveling officer and the cat get along for a long time, the kitten will appear very similar to the owner. Taking home raising kittens as an example, two raccoon cats kept the cat wildness before entering the family. The raccoon cat is known as the strongest person to catch mice. Within a month, the cat grabbed a big mouse in the corn pile. This behavior immediately made the elders in the family love cats, and the cat was proud, and it was like a mother.
    In general, cute attributes are only one of the biggest features of cats. Cats also have other attributes, such as catching mice. Nevertheless, the biggest difference between pet cats and Chinese pastoral cats is wildness and grabbing mice. Some pastoral cats have long formed excessive mouse catching skills, and in the process of getting along with human beings, wildness disappears, and gradually becomes a loved and lovely responsibility.

  2. Such cats are not cute to describe in language. Every time they see the bow under their noses, they will have a feeling that they want to be close to them.

  3. It is particularly cute in the cat, let people take the initiative to hug it, it will also please people. The cat's particularly small and cuteness, which makes people love it.

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