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  1. Dogs, like people, are born different. Even if it is a nest of dogs, some are naturally strong and do not like to get sick, and some love to make trouble. Dogs with poor constitution may not die, but they have a problem for three days and two days, and they also have a headache for shovel officers. So what should I do if the dog has low immunity? Try these methods, maybe there will be improvement!

    The first: feeding foods suitable for dogs
    dogs with poor constitution, digestion and absorption, will not be too good, so often run the belly and thin. For this kind of dog, we can't give it everything, and give it to the food carefully. For example, if the dog eats dog food, it is soft and thinner, and it is not possible to change how many brands to change, then it is recommended that you make homemade dog rice. Finding a kind of food that is suitable for dogs and healthy and nutritious is very important for dogs with poor constitution.
    : Exercise should be appropriate
    dogs with poor constitution, exercise ability is definitely not as strong as dogs with strong body. So if your dog has a bad constitution, it is best not to let them exercise too much. Usually you can take them to do some soothing activities, such as simply slipping. If you force them to exercise too much, it will cause them to have the risks such as overweight internal organs and fractures.
    The third: Don't be too complicated to contact the environment
    The dogs with poor body, don't take it around, because if you don't get it well, you will have a stress reaction. In addition, dogs with poor health are also prone to infection with viruses, so it is best not to bring dogs to contact strange dogs in the high incidence of viruses. Do not be lazy for vaccine deworming. You must take the dog to do it regularly.
    Fourth: Appropriate nutritional products
    The dogs are poor. In addition to feeding staple foods, you can also feed some nutritional health products. It is recommended that dogs with poor stomach and stomach can eat some probiotic adjustments appropriately. If the dog's hair is not good, you can eat some health products such as beauty powder or fish oil. If the dog has different eclipses and the loss of appetite, you can also feed some trace element powder. If the dog grows poorly and is easy to fracture, it is also possible to feed some pet calcium powder and calcium tablets. Of course, nutritional products are not universal. It is just an auxiliary role. Don't be overly superstitious.

  2. Dogs have poor constitution and low immunization force may be caused by less exercise, or it may be caused by feeding a single and poor camp. You can take measures first to help dogs increase the immunity, so that the sick may be smaller.
    This to take a dog out every day to take a walk, so that it will be better for the dog's body and mind, and it can also help digestion and exercise. Can't keep the dog at home, let it sleep and sleep. Walking is more appropriate when the sun is mild, and it can also let the dogs bask in the sun. There are time to take dogs to go outdoors to make some interactions such as picking up and throwing flying dishes on the weekend.

    If feeding the dogs is a single, which causes the dog to have poor battalions, the body's immune deimplence will be relatively low. Therefore, if you are rich in dogs, you can prepare some chicken, beef, vegetables and fruits to supplement protein and vitamins, and feed some salmon and cooked egg yolk appropriately to help the dog supplement the nutrition needed for hair. You can also add an appropriate amount of Wang Meow factor to nutrition supplements, which will be better for dogs. For puppies, we need to do a good job of insect repellent planning and vaccine planning. You can first finish the vaccine for a week, and use Meow Wang Qingyong for insect repellent work.

  3. The suggestion of poor constitution is to take it out to bend more every day. Movement, low immunity is recommended to eat more foods that supplement protein, such as protein powder or intestinal probe source powder.
    The dogs are poor, you can supplement dogs with more nutritious creams (adding force immune enhanced cream) and vitamins, and sun -exposed the sun and more exercise.
    The colostrum of the concentrated beef milk in the immune nutrition cream, mainly from 72 hours of colostrum after childbirth, contains five activated immunoglobulin (IGG, IGA, IgD, IgE, IgM), milk, milk Iron protein and pathogen recognize protrusion, biomestin, and giving pets that are naturally immune to pets like breast milk, and improve the immunity of pets.

  4. 狗狗和人一样,要增强体质那就得营养跟得上,多运动;平时除了给狗狗吃狗粮外,最好再给狗狗吃一些高蛋白食物,比如鸡胸肉、瘦肉、牛肉, Eggs, goat milk and so on. In addition to these dogs, I also eat more than much, which increases resistance. You can try it. For details, please Baidu.

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