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  1. The long dog -like dog is called the silver fox dog, also known as the silver fox. The hair color of the silver fox dog is bright pure white, like barking, etc.
    silver fox dogs, also known as Japanese silk (velvet) hair dogs, Japanese sharp mouth dogs, English names. Native to Japan, the Japanese silver fox dog originated in Japan 1920. The first appearance was 1921 Tokyo Dogshow (dog display).

  2. Silver Fox Dog

    Fox dogs are silver fox dogs.
    silver fox dogs, also known as Japanese silk (velvet) hair dogs, Japanese sharp mouth dogs, English name is JAPANESE SPITZ. The height of a dog is 30 ~ 38 cm, weighs 6.4-10 kg, and has a life span of about 12 years. Native to Japan, the origin of the Japanese silver fox dog and Japan 1920, the first appearance was 1921 Tokyo Dog Show (dog display).
    The silver fox dogs were officially recognized as precious animals in Japan in 1931. The hair color of the silver fox dog is pure white and double hair, and the neck, chest and tail have plump clusters, which are particularly loose. Black eyes, ears stand upright and show triangle, round and black nose, tip of the tip, round feet, full of hair between the toes, the tail has a bush roll to the back, fluffy, rich, and pure white hair. very beautiful.
    The logo characteristics are: standing ear, tail tail, tip of the mouth, eyes like almonds, long eyelashes, exactly like double eyelids, their backs are straight, their limbs are strong, their bodies are strong, my hair color is white, and the hair color is white. , Tiger color, flower spots and other colors. —— From Baidu Encyclopedia (it should also be Permes and Husky latch Samoyed, I personally think they are quite like foxes)

  3. Fox dogs, also known as Pomeranian dogs
    This Fox Dog Introduction
    Plash: Japan
    [Height]: Gong 35-38 cm; Mother 33-35 cm
    [Weight]: Gong 9 to 11 kg; mother 7-9 kg
    [Personality]: Smart, brave, agile, loyal, vibrant n Japanese fox dogs are a pure white, straight long hair, The vertical ears, clear and beautiful dog breeds.
    The was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, rolling up the winding dog. In the past, many nervous and barking dog species, but now most of them have been improved into dogs with a quiet personality.
    The main point of purchase: After the personality is improved, it becomes very mild, but it is better to avoid buying a nervous dog.
    The main point of feeding: If the meat is feeding, if it contains high fat and eczema, it should be specially
    Note. It is better to eat foods with less fat. Although it will not bark because it is good because it is changed
    , it still must be raised generously and affectionately. Daily repair maintenance and washing work of hair covering every day. Because the hair changing period is easy to be entangled, we must carefully comb with it. The method is to soften the side after the bath to make the hair rectify with a needle.
    Price: 1500 yuan

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