Shanxi Jiexiu Dialect Cursing?

Knowing that this question is not good, because every place has language characteristics, I played a friend that day, scolded, I did n’t understand, I knew that there were many online talents.

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  1. Please look at the dialect of Jiexiu, the birthplace of Central Plains culture.

    Clasm ›Grandpa
    The mind -Grandpa
    Selling -Sister
    Xu Di — Brother
    -meter year -eyebrow eye
    Luo — wolf r r r r r
    The call -deserved
    wide -炕, bed
    wide dragon diamond — 炕
    nThe heart is bad -catching and hiding
    is bad -that
    is pulled by it -which
    external security -this is this
    night comes Yeah -yesterday
    This is the front
    Dingming -tomorrow
    foreigners roar — the day after tomorrow

    In see -just now
    马 马 — Mama Hao, General
    Then -hot pot
    锅 锅 锅 — then what
    drops group -broom
    n urine book -urine basin
    —— — itching, squirrel
    Qiaoer — sparrow
    drag -soup
    —— Sugar
    — —— —— ——
    — —— —— Squatting toilet for a long time
    Casting -pretending
    shouts —— Nausea
    What is the break
    flooding four sons -tomatoes
    Thirsty -bastard
    does not harm — I do n’t know
    This sucking bold — beautiful
    the most knocks -蟋蟀
    巧 巧 —— — Cloth
    numb -steamed bun
    n Dog Delivery -Baby
    Small batch of thought -stingy
    does not fight — rollover
    ? Candida
    Grand -Wood Stick
    The legs of the legs -between the legs
    Gejojima -under the armpit
    Netons white -serving cabbage
    , Potato
    — vinegar

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