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  1. When the bitch matches the law of ovulation, and matches it in a timely manner.
    This Modeling period In the period when the bitch's secretion is rice yellow, the vulva is most swollen, and the sexual reflection is very strong. It is generally carried out on the 9th to 14th of the blood sample secretions, on average is the 10th day. The little bitch for the first estrus should be postponed appropriately, with an average of 12.7 days. The oldest bitch must be advanced in advance, with an average of 7.8 days. The specific breeding time varies from individuals. The dog's mating selection is before or next to the morning. The predecessor and the bitch of the mating are normal and idle. The place where the mating location is quiet and unrecommiably. It is best to be wide, clean, flat, and not smooth. In order to increase the tire rate of the bitch, it is best to repeat the breeding during the estrus. The two interval time should be 24-48 hours. The male dogs must maintain the middle and upper feelings all year round, and have a strong physical fitness. The number of mating times per year should not exceed 60 times, and the time is as uniform as possible. Excessive or frequency of mating will damage the male dog's body and reduce the tire rate.

  2. How to mate with dogs. I don't need to learn this. If you are in the city, you go to the pet shop. People will give you. Love dogs. Professor spouses or artificial insemination. If it is in the countryside. Just run back on the street for a few days.

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