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  1. There are obvious living habits in the following four:
    The concept of the domain: the dog's field concept is strong, and it is accustomed to using urine to mark its "sphere of power". In its field, it can be very angry, and once it is in the strange place, especially where the dogs and cats are strong, it is bold. This is common when it is close to the animal hospital, and it is reluctant to move forward, or shivering, or even intensive. Therefore, it is often centered on its own, and it is often updated with its own smell, and it is often updated. One territory can only belong to one or two dogs or the entire dog group.
    The instinct of barking: Whenever the carrier is passed, the dog often barks. Barking is a way that wolves are in contact with companions. As an instinct, dogs have inherited this feature. So when you hear who's dogs will "sing" with the music, it is not surprising. But not all dogs will bark, there are some exceptions.
    The like to communicate with people is the natural habit of dogs, especially to associate with children, and this natural habit often depends on the degree of "mark" with people at 3-7 weeks. If the first two months of the dog are only with its parents or other dogs, or if they do not really understand people, it is easy to produce a situation of dislikes and people who do not love people and do not train well. If you have been caressing from a young age, this will make it recognize that people are their friends and familiar with the smell of people. This will develop a personality of love with people and easy to train.
    The climbing behavior: Climbing and crossing behavior is very indecent in human beings, but dogs are indeed from this nature, but because of their age and gender, the purpose and performance of climbing are different. When puppies go home for a while, the puppies will crawl around you, which is a manifestation of its joy and naughty. Sometimes the two puppies also climb and cross -move. This is just a game similar to children and a happy performance.

  2. Golden retriever's living habits are roughly the same as other dogs, and they are synchronized with the owner's biological clock. Golden retriever belongs to a relatively docile dog species. IQ is smarter than other dogs, and it is very docile. Generally, it will not actively attack humans, but for similar kinds In terms of Golden Rather, Golden Retriever likes to fight, especially Golden Retriever likes to bully some small dogs, which often causes the death of small dogs.
    The personality and growth environment of dogs, especially people's training, have a lot to do. If you have often contacted strangers from an early age, and often go to strange places, dogs will be friendly to strangers and have a lively personality. On the contrary, if you have been tied to your home from a young age, you rarely come into contact with strangers, or there are some. The experience of being violated by strangers many times, dogs will be very vigilant and hostile to strangers, and have a irritable temper.
    Personal characteristics:

    The personality is kind and friendly, very loyal to the owner. It has rich feelings, cheerful personality, likes to play with children. Based on genetic characteristics, it likes sports and is quite greedy. Golden retriever is very smart and very humorous. Under normal circumstances, other dogs or people are not discriminated against.
    Im combination of hair: Start from the neck, from the front to the back, from top to bottom, first from the neck to the shoulder, then the back, chest, waist, abdomen, posterior body, and then then, and then, and then, then Comb your head, and finally have limbs and tails. During the combing process, you should finish one side and then comb.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Golden Retriever Return Dog

  3. Golden retriever is a relatively docile breed. IQ is smarter than other dogs, and it is very docile. Generally, it will not actively attack humans, but for the same kind, golden retriever likes to fight, especially Golden Retriever likes to bully some small dogs. The death of a small dog.
    The size of the golden capacity is large and dense. The innermost layer of hair has the waterproof effect, while the outer layer's hair is hard and elastic. The feather -like hair, the hair of the head, feet, and legs is short and uniform. He is a very lively dog. He likes to jump alive and jumps. He is even more loved by outdoor activities.
    If feeding of golden retrievers
    This Raise Golden Mool Remember not to grow faster, the better. Instead, our principle slows its growth rate so that its skeleton can grow healthily, so feeding is full.
    The user needs to pay attention to the golden retriever when breeding golden retriever. Because gold wool skin is different from human skin structure, its texture is completely opposite. Golden retriever's skin is acidic. If you take a bath, you will destroy the protection of oil on the skin. As a result, various skin diseases of golden hair seriously affect the growth of golden retriever. It not only reduces the value of golden retriever, but also needs to treat skin diseases to increase the cost of breeding.
    The user needs to pay attention to that golden retriever is a very dynamic dog species, and the movement cells are very developed. If it is closed in the cage for a long time, it will cause the golden retriever's nose coloring, the hair is dim, and it will directly reduce the value of golden retriever. Therefore, the golden retriever moves regularly when breeding to improve the constitution of golden retriever. Enhance the growth ability of golden retriever can also effectively resist the disease.
    The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia-Golden Retriever Dog

  4. Golden retriever
    Golden hair dogs are common in our lives. Its docile and peaceful personality also brings us a lot of joy. I want to think To raise golden retriever, of course, what you need to do is to master its habits. Xiaobian collected some golden retriever's habit knowledge. Let's see if it is the same as you think

    First of all, golden retrievers have a certain territory habit, and they are afraid of fire and like group residence. Like to live with people or other animals, do not like alone. After a period of time, other animals such as cats and chickens can live in harmony with dogs and be protected by dogs. Dogs are particularly afraid of loneliness, so try not to let your dogs stand alone for a long time. When the dog was locked at home for a whole day, when I saw the owner who went home, I could imagine how excited it was.
    Golden retriever is sometimes vanity and likes others to praise it. Sometimes you are shy. For those who have been close to it, you will never forget his voice, and you can remember the places where you live. Like to be cared for the neck and back. When you lie down, you always turn around to see if there is any danger around it. After determining that there is no danger, you will sleep with peace of mind. When you are sick, when you are sick, you will instinctively avoid humans or other dogs, hiding in the dark to recover or die, which is a "return ancestor phenomenon". I don't like alcohol, and at the same time, it is carnivorous animals. When feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal protein and fat in the feed, supplemented by vegetarian components to ensure the normal development and healthy body of the dog. It does not chew it when eating, and it can be described as "gobbled." If you want to feed crude fiber vegetables, it is best to chop or cook the vegetables.
    , although you like your golden retriever very much, don't let your little golden wool often eat human leftovers, especially some "oil and water" meals. These meals are right Golden retriever is not good. Before the gold puppies were four and a half months old, do not let him go up and down the stairs. Be careful when you go up and down.
    This before 12 months, do not run with gold puppies, which will cause too much pressure on bones that have not yet been completely calcified. If you have to run with him after 12 months old, you also remember not to run too far from the beginning, and gradually increase the running distance. Golden retrievers do not let it eat too much. It is best to feed the soft dog food, and at the same time do not feed eggs and internal organs. These things that golden retriever puppies cannot digest and easily cause dilute. Generally speaking, some dog food can be placed in rice porridge.
    What are the misunderstandings during the breeding of golden retriever?
    Themo, dogs who have bad temper, like to bite people. In fact, although the blood of dogs flowing in the body of the golden retriever, after hundreds of years of domestication and improvement of the great human beings, today's pure golden retriever dogs are still tolerant and domesticated! The characteristics of dogs are most reflected in its appearance. It is not reflected in personality, so it has stabilized in the family dog!
    The misunderstandings 2. Golden retriever IQ is low? NO, in fact, the intelligence of the golden retriever is still very high, reflects the owner's emotional strong, and the golden retriever has a hunting personality. It is almost easy to do training! n Misunderstanding 3. Do you have to turn on the air conditioner in summer? The air conditioner is generally a cooling method that is only taken in areas with relatively poor ventilation conditions. Generally, the recommended heat dissipation method is ventilation. If the natural ventilation conditions are insufficient, the golden retriever is blown out of the air conditioner!

  5. The common sense of golden retriever

    1. Golden retriever does not need much exercise, especially when the weather is hot. The best sport of puppies is to let it run freely on the grass.

    2. Never let golden retriever puppies with other dogs rudely play together. Golden retriever puppies are easily injured.

    3. Before twelve months old, do not run with golden retriever puppies, which will put too much pressure on bones that have not been completely calcified.

    4. Golden retriever puppies before four and a half months old, do not let it go up and down the stairs by themselves, hold it.

    5. If your golden retriever puppies are too fat, do not increase its exercise. First reduce the amount of feeding until the weight is returning to normal, and then slowly increase the amount of exercise and the amount of food until the two reaches the balance.

    6. Swimming is a good exercise. Golden retriever likes swimming but must gradually let it get used to water, it is best to follow it with it.

    7. Golden Mao Xunxun Hunter is twenty -one months old. Remember it is a hunting dog, to be appropriate outdoor sports, as well as appropriate food and care.

    As long as the owner has enough love and patience, the stubborn little golden retriever will eventually become the most beloved big golden retriever.

    The feeding habits of golden retriever

    The feeding habits to eat regularly and quantitative, not overeating. These common sense of life are the same reason for people and dogs, but dogs also have some habits of dog society. They are not in people's social and dining table etiquette ...

    1. Location-

    The dog society is classified. If a group of dogs eat in the same rice bowl, it will cause the dog to be more domineering, excluding older or lower status, in order to prevent weakness from small or small, to prevent weakness from small or small status. The dogs are not full. They should have their own rice bowls, and they keep a distance of more than one meter between the rice bowls.

    2. Time and frequency-

    The small gold appetite for weaning is very good. It is best to feed three times a day. Successful dogs can feed two meals a day. The feeding time is fixed at the same time every day. For example, after walking in the morning, or after dinner, of course, the dog will not be angry because you do not feed him at 7 o'clock every day. The dog's sense of time is elastic.

    3. Drinking water-

    Water is the source of life. Supplementing water is particularly important for dogs to eat dry dog ​​food.

    It if the dog is alone at home, the basin can leave enough filtering water, so that the dog has clean water all day, and you must quickly replace it when the water is dirty. It is best to replace enough filtering water after drinking water after drinking water. Some dogs with sensitive temperament may rather thirst because of the dirty water.

    4. Clean up-

    In the dog group, the owner plays the role of the leader, so if you have the right to control the distribution of food, the dog will obey you to eat or take away The actions of the rice bowl. For 15-20 minutes each feeding, let the dog eat, then clean the rice bowl, and clean the leftovers to avoid leftovers in the bowl to breed the bacteria, and even the rice bowl has mold marks.

    If feeding suggestions supplement

    1. 2 ~ 8 months is the fastest growth rate of puppy, so during this period host. Complete nutritional puppy -specific feed contains all the nutrients needed for puppy growth, as well as the protein of high units. The protein of the high unit is necessary for the rapid growth of puppies. In fact, some completely nutritious puppy -specific feeds already contain sufficient calcium and vitamin D (help calcium absorption), A, B, E, so you don't need to eat calcium tablets and vitamin tablets. As for what kind of nutritious puppy -specific feed is suitable for your puppy, and whether you need to supplement other nutrients, please ask qualified veterinarians.

    2. Use cooked beef grim places or leftovers as seasoning, and the completely nutritious puppy special feed is slightly softened. It is a good way to prevent anorexia. Golden hounds do not like pure feed, especially puppies.

    3. 10 ~ 15 minutes. You must take away the food and do not develop bad habits. Don't develop the habit of eating snacks.

    4. After 8 months of large growth rate, you can slowly add more ordinary food. The leftovers and leftovers of the home (rice is a good food food) is a good choice, but be careful not to be too salty.

    5. You can eat egg yolk for puppy, but it cannot exceed three times a week. Protein is prohibiting feeding. Pork liver can be fed a small amount, at most once a week. Endalized foods must be completely cooked to feed.

    6. The uninterrupted beef or pig bones can be given to your dog. Give his chicken bones, cooked or cut bones, is endangering his life.

    7. To train your dog, you can take out things from his mouth at any time to avoid him eating harmful things. During training, use the big bone, hold the bones tightly, take him twice, take the bones away, repeat these actions, let him know that you have the control of control, and you have been trained until you can easily put the mouth that you can easily put his mouth. The food is taken away.
    The exercise of golden retriever puppies

    Exercise recommendation (transfer)

    exercise is the most important part of this slowing growth plan. A sporty puppy can eat more foods, so it will be more determined that it has sufficient nutrition. In addition, its muscle-fat ratio will be more favored, consolidating the ideal goal of slowing the growth plan. The stronger muscles will appropriately support the skeletal system composed of larger coordination, so that it will protect itself when injured.
    free running running is an appropriate exercise method for dogs of any age, because this allows them to choose their own pace and play. Of course, this exercise must be carried out in a safe environment. For everyone, this may not be used as a formal training foundation, but it may be used as a special weekend training. It is selective and flexible.
    8 weeks of puppies start nearly 1/2 miles with running, 4-5 days per week, and about 1/2 miles per week. If you are behind this progress table, please do not jump to the front to the front Come to catch up with the weeks behind and replace it, where to start, if you have been behind for a long time, go back for a few weeks to start training. As mentioned below, 3 miles of exercise every day will keep puppies very suitable and healthy. Of course, just like other exercise methods, be careful in hot weather, and there is no problem in cold weather.

    8 weeks = 1/2 miles, 4-5 times 14 weeks = 2 miles per week, 4-5 times a week
    10 week large = 1 mile, 4-5 times a week per week 16 weeks = 2.5 miles, 4-5 times per week
    12 weeks = 1.5 miles, 4-5 times a week 18 weeks = 3 miles, 4-5 times per week
    (Note: 1 mile = 1 mile = 1609 meters)

    Please do not let the golden retriever puppies less than 4 months of jogging training, bicycle running or long -distance running training. If you want to carry out these types of hard training for puppies in advance, the wise approach is best to get an OFA hip evaluation. Only those puppies with "good" or higher -level puppies can be determined to be able to conduct these more difficult training candidates, and then gradually form their corresponding speed and distance in these training.

    The daily life training

    ... Start training the rules of life of dogs as soon as possible. In this way, it will be happy to cooperate with each other to get along with each other. There is no good education, the puppy that is too favored, when growing up, it is easy to be willful and often roar the dogs. If you are an adult dog, you can also teach it; especially the wandering dogs, most of the most like to go out to go out and urinate, you have to take God to understand its living habits, and slowly cooperate with your schedule to guide Right, not difficult.
    1. Sleeping-dogs are the animals of nest, used to rest in its nest, and this nest must be clean and comfortable. It may not be satisfied with your arrangements, you may wish to pay close attention and adjust at any time. Do not let it go to your bed to sleep. It can only sleep its own nest. If it sleeps everywhere, it may be that the bed you arrange is not comfortable enough. Remember that every time you help it change the sheets, leave a dried pad that was used to put it below, and add a new pad. With its taste, it will rely on the nest to rest.
    2. Password-puppy is not a natural teaching, you have to repeatedly show patience and perseverance. The reward and punishment must be clear. If you do the right encouragement, you can make it easy for it to remember. You can touch its head gently, say "good", or give it a little biscuits to encourage. Similarly, it has made a mistake and must be rebuked on the spot, saying that "can't" knock on its nose gently, or use newspapers and magazines to roll into cylinders, clap your hands, and blame "No". Its tail or raised his ears, a ruthless. Avoid treating them too emotionally. This can easily cause puppies to shrink and make mistakes again, or they are immediately discharged by neurotic quality. Don't scold you because of your bad mood or angry. Kick it, and it does not make mistakes at all. This will make it unsuccessful, which affects its appetite and growth. The family must have a consistent educational attitude and method. You can't just punish it. After a while, the family hugs the campaign again. As a result, the dog will develop the dog. The password should be concise and clear. It is not like we chatting with dogs, so that it can distinguish the consistent password and make it easy to accept and get used to it. And the family's different passwords, or a password at the same time, will confuse what to hear. The breath and action should be consistent. Do not scold it, but stroke it, let alone scold, and immediately kiss again, it will not understand.
    3. Poor bowelism-the most important training of large and small urine, and it takes a lot of time to work. After the dog gets up. After meals, before going to bed, and when I have a good time, I will turn on the ground, indicating that it must be urinated or poop in my good feng shui. At this time, it is necessary to wait for it to wait for it to set it to fix it. In the room, you can choose the drainage outlet of the bathroom as a fixed point, spreading newspapers next to it, and the dogs are rinsed well after finishing. It loses the right place and immediately encourage it. If it is out of place, hold its nose on the spot, and pat it with his butt and say "No." Immediately clean the location and disinfection, spray deodorant aromatherapy, and even cover the odor as much as possible, so as not to find this taste, a criminal. Sometimes, puppies are panic, rebellion, or in order to attract your attention, or if they are sick, there will be a plot of urination. At this time, we must figure out the reason and patiently correction and treatment. The puppies have fast digestion and absorption, and they are excreted quickly and more. Don't worry about it. That is the muscle control of the excretion of organs is not mature, and the number of natural number will be more; if the baby can wrap the urine pants, the puppy does not have it. One point!

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