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  1. I have told many stories of shovel officers to raise dogs. Most of these stories are tender or happy, but there are good things in this world and unsatisfactory things. For example, my one is my one. A friend recently cried because of his dog's eyes.
    The friend has a new puppy, but it has a few days after taking home a few days after returning home. Friends asked the dogs to sell the dog. As a result, the merchant answered that it was normal. The dog just arrived at the new home and did not adjust it at once.
    The friend is still doubtful. After observing at home for a few days, he found that the dog's condition was getting worse and worse, so he quickly took it to the hospital for treatment. It was too late at this time. The doctor finally diagnosed the dog infected with small viruses infected with the dog, and now it is unable to return to the sky.

    The friends of the dog are quite blame and cried at home for several days. When we met again, he asked me with a pair of red and swollen eyes and asked me: "Isn't the dog just breathing? Why do you get a small dog in the end?"

    It ’s really distressed and anxious. It is obviously a person who wants to raise dogs. Why do n’t even have such a basic knowledge of dogs? You must know that shortness of breath may be a small precursor of dogs.
    In fact, it is not just my friend. Some other shovel officers also seem to have blind spots in this basic knowledge, so I think it is necessary to give you a good popular science today.

    What is behind the shortness of breathing? First, the cause of shortness of breathing.
    The shortness of breathing is a very broad concept, and the range of rapid causes is wider. Generally speaking, we can divide the causes behind them into physiological reasons and pathological causes.

    1. Physiological cause.

    The shortness of breathing caused by physiological causes is normal. Because the dog does not have a sweat glands, when the weather is hot, only the heat accumulated by breathing can be used to eliminate the accumulated calories. If the weather is too hot, the dog will also improve the heat discharge efficiency by speeding up the breathing.
    It, such as Fa Dou, Panago and other breeds, because the face is flat and the nasal cavity structure is relatively short, their breathing sounds will be heavier, and sometimes breathing rapidness.

    2. Pathological cause.

    The pathological causes are the focus of shoveling officers. Foreign body pneumonia can cause dogs' shortage of breathing, or lung diseases such as pulmonary edema, which can also cause dogs to breathe rapid.
    In addition to lung disease, a major pathological cause that causes dogs to breathe is myocardial inflammation today, and myocardial inflammation is related to small dogs.

    . The dog is small and myocardial inflammation.
    Muctive dogs are small, perhaps the first reaction in most people's minds is diarrhea. In fact, the symptoms brought by small dogs are far more than diarrhea.
    This is small infected with healthy dogs through digestive tract, and it mainly attacks two cells, one is intestinal epithelial cells, and the other is myocardial cells. When the small virus of the dog attacks intestinal epithelial cells, the dog will have symptoms of diarrhea. When a small virus attacks myocardial cells, it may bring dog's myocardial inflammation.

    The people treat diarrhea as small symptoms of dogs and ignore myocardial inflammation for the cause. This is because myocarditis dogs are small, and sometimes the dogs have died too late for treatment. It is precisely because of this that the shoveling officer must discover the small sequential signs of myocarditis in time and then treat it in time.

    How to prevent and treat? 1. Prevent dogs are small.
    It the coverage of small viruses in the small virus in the environment is quite high. It is unrealistic to help dogs to help dogs create a sterile environment. The shoveling officer should take the puppies vaccinated in time. Generally speaking, after 28 days of birth, the puppies are vaccinated and the puppies are vaccinated after 60 days. This is the most basic protection.
    For puppies who have just entered the house, the shoveling officer must be raised in the principle of "maintaining the original", not to take a bath as much as possible, not going out, let it slowly transition to adapt to the new environment.
    If the shovel officer wants to feed the dog, it must be cooked at high temperature to prevent the invasion of bacteria and parasites infected. When contacting puppies, you should also pay attention to your own disinfection, and pay attention to all the possibilities of germs.
    This shovel officer can also improve the dog's immunity appropriately, supplement vitamins and minerals, and strengthen the dog's movement. Of course, it is also necessary to take a dog exercise depending on the specific situation. If the dog's body is too fragile, it is best to maintain the existing environment.

    . The treatment of the dog is small.

    If the shoveling officer finds the dog's diarrhea or shortness of breath, you must take the dog to the hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible in order to inject some serum or monoclonal antibodies and antiviral viruses as soon as possible. medicine.
    Is before the symptoms of dog vomiting are completely eliminated, feeding and feeding should be strictly prohibited. This is because the intake of food will aggravate the inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, which is not conducive to treatment.

    The entire treatment process, shoveling officer must obey the doctor's professional opinions and do not make a decision without authorization. Especially like myocarditis, it is small, powerful, and difficult to cure. If the shovel officer treats the dog without authorization, it will not only delay the dog's condition, but also may directly cause the dog's condition to worsen.

    Is the friend I said above? He was very distressed about his dog's death and washed his face with tears every day. But it is too late. If he can learn more about the basic knowledge before raising dogs, he may not be deceived by the excuses of the merchant, and he will not delay the dog's condition.
    So, as I said, everyone who wants to raise dogs, or shovelers who are raising dogs, understand the dog's disease and the physiological knowledge of dogs. Maybe it looks more troublesome, but this is the basic guarantee for dogs to raise dogs. I hope everyone will encourage me with me.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dogs' shortage of breathing may be caused by the following aspects. 1. The special characteristics of the variety, Yingdou, Fa Dou, Bago and other easy movement are not tolerated, breathing is rapid, and it is recommended to reduce severe and long -term exercise; Third, dogs with severe anemia need to check the diagnosis.nQuestion Satsuma adult dognAnswer like this yesterday?nQuestion last nightnThe answer may be a virus infection, so you'd better take your dog to the hospital to see it more assurednQuestion umnAnswer [Happy]nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~n6 morenBleak

  3. First of all, after the dog is exercised, because the body is fever, but there is no sweat glands on the body, it needs to achieve the effect of cooling through the sweat glands on the tongue, so there will be a manifestation of breathing and breathing rapidly. This situation is often a normal situation. Performance. Secondly, dogs, such as thoracic trauma, cardiopulmonary disease, liver and kidney disease, pancreatitis, etc., can also cause shortage of breathing because of thoracic cavity trauma, cardiopulmonary diseases, liver and kidney diseases, and pancreatitis. Disorders and produce some metabolic acid -base poisoning, which causes dogs to have some respiratory suppression. What the owner needs to pay attention is that if the dog's mental state decreases and is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, it will perform shortness of breath at the same time. It is recommended to take the dog to the pet hospital for diagnosis in time and then treat them with symptomatic treatment.

  4. Dogs are short of breathing. It may be that after the dog exercise, the dog needs to reduce the temperature of the body by speeding up the frequency of breathing. It may also be caused by the dog's respiratory tract.

  5. Puppies have rapid breathing and large belly, common in the hot weather, frightened, hypoglycemia and other reasons.

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