What season do Teddy dogs buy well

How is winter? Winter vacation, mother agrees to buy Teddy. Is it easy to get sick in winter? Is it easy to get sick in spring? I am a novice without experience!

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  1. It is better to buy a teddy dog ​​in summer. The chance of Teddy in summer is very low, which can avoid a lot of trouble. It is recommended not to buy teddy in winter, because the teddy bear dog is a small dog, and this season is a high incidence period for canine plague and small viruses. If you buy teddy bear dogs in this season It is difficult to cure the dog plague and small rescue. The high mortality rate will cause the dog's friends to cause economic interests and psychological dual damage.
    This need to pay attention to the following points:
    1. Try to choose the teddy bear dog with a bigger moon age: Needless to say, of course, the lower the risk of the moon age, the lower the risk of the age. In terms of dogs, one month old, the stronger the body's immune function, and the stronger the ability to resist disease. It is recommended to choose puppies for more than 3 months, and the immune process should be 3 months in 3 months. The above can be completed.
    2. Ask the seller to clearly immune to: If the dog is okay, then ask the seller to ask whether the immunity has been completed. If it is not completed, do not be lazy. Dog injection of vaccines, don't think that only winter is the high incidence of small dog plague. In addition to the low chance of getting sick in summer, virus transmission often occurs in spring and autumn.
    . After buying a teddy bear dog, it is immediately tested: the small dog plague has a latent period. Generally, 7-10 days, if your dog is infected with the virus, maybe you just bought it in you There are no symptoms at the time, so it may erupt after a few days of breeding, so it is best to buy a dog after you buy a small and canine plague test. Generally, pet hospitals can be. Generally does not exceed 50 yuan.

  2. My Teddy was bought in winter. I bought it in January. As long as you buy a regular place, it is best to go to the personal home to buy a healthy dog. After you buy it, you should take care of it carefully. Give it to it. It is okay to keep warm, and my dog ​​is healthy now. Teddy's dogs are afraid of cold, so you need to take care of it. By the way, you have to give the dog to prevent needle.

  3. I just bought it today. Essence Essence The air conditioner has not stopped ,,, the hot water bag has been changed for you, or you are buying it in spring ,,,

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