Unveiling the pet cemetery, the price of a single square meter is close to house prices. Why is the price so expensive?

4 thoughts on “Unveiling the pet cemetery, the price of a single square meter is close to house prices. Why is the price so expensive?”

  1. Because many people now treat pets as children. For them, pets are their children, and the price of those pet products is also the price of infants and young children. That's why the pet cemetery is so expensive, even if it is so expensive, someone will pay. Because many people directly treat their pets as their own children, they are willing even if they spend much money for pets. Many people now buy a lot of things for their pets. It's like dog food, and some people even buy dog ​​food of 20 to thirty dollars a pound to eat them for their dogs.
    NOR, let's not say those very expensive snacks. The dog's yogurt bottle costs more than 10 yuan. And human yogurt is not much money. Therefore, the dog's supplies are actually more expensive than people's supplies. But the sales volume is still very high. It is because people like dogs very much.
    So even if it costs a dog, everyone is not distressed. And some dogs if they leave the world. His director will buy a more expensive purpose for him, because dogs are like family members. So even if they spend how much for dogs, they are all hesitation. That's why there is such a high -priced pet cemetery. Many people even go to the pet cemetery to see his pet after the pet died. Because for them, these pets have accompanied their families for more than 10 years. So everyone wants to do a place to be safe.
    The companion and healing of this pet is unimaginable. Many people are particularly lonely depressed, but because of these pets. They feel a little meaningful in life. So for them, pets are not just an animal. It is their family, their relatives. They are willing to do anything for their pets. That's why these pets are more expensive than people, even if there are people paying.

  2. This is because the land resources are limited, and then the price of land resources is relatively high, and the current pets are also very expensive, so the price of the cemetery after the death of animals is relatively high.

  3. Because many people attach great importance to pets now, many merchants use this psychology to continuously raise the price of pet cemetery.

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