What are the symptoms of dog mites in dog mites?

The hair of my dog's ears was gone, but no hair was found on my body. Is it ear mites? Are there any symptoms? How to treat it, to be detailed. thank you all.

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  1. The so -called ear mites, that is, the meaning of mites in the ears. I believe that everyone is no stranger to mites, because this is not only a disease that dogs are often suffering from them, but also common in humans. What does it mean that the dog has ear mites?
    1, the ear with odor

    It the dog's long ear mites, which will also make the ears smell. If it is not cleaned in time, it will also be infected with bacterial infections and cause inflammation.

    2, tear marks

    In some people do not understand, dogs will have tear marks. The owner must know that the dog's ear canal and part of the nerves of the face are staggered together, the ears The mites even infected the eyes, causing inflammation and redness of the eyes, and tears often increased due to this; tear marks were formed over time. But it does not mean that dogs must be caused by ear mites.

    3, the ears are dirty

    If a lot of black or reddish -brown dirty organs in the ear canal of the dog, which is also one of the performance of ear mites. The dog's ear canal is very easy to accumulate oil, dust and water, especially the big ear dogs. The drooping ear canal often cover the ear canal, or the long hair near the ear canal can be covered. The air circulation is not smooth, and it is easy to accumulate dirt and humidity and causes inflammation of the ear canal.

    4, often shake your head and shake your head

    This dogs always shake their heads in a certain period of time, and the owner should find the reason. It is likely to be caused by ear mites, because dogs will itch for ear mites, which will stimulate the dog, and dogs will shake their heads constantly, just like people sometimes feel itching and shake like this.

    5, grab your head with your paw

    This ears with long ear mites, obviously direct performance should be "itching", ear mites will climb outside the ear canal, so, so, so The dog will grab the head with his own claws, hoping to relieve itching.

    What to do with dog ears mites?

    1. The dog's ears need to be cleaned up. Under normal circumstances, the owner should try to clean up every time he helps the dog bath; if the dog has ear mites, it should be Use pet cleansing liquid to clean up, effectively inhibit bacteria and itching, quickly clean the ear, and protect the dog's ears.
    2. Usually take a dog out to play and play, you must remember to help the dog wipe your body. If the dog is too dirty, remember to help the dog take a bath, and usually do a good job of deworming work regularly. Essence

  2. Ear mites are a small parasitic parasite parasitic on the surface and outer ear canal. They suck lymph fluid and skin cells, relying on tissue residues and tissue nourishment. Ear mites have spent their lives on the host, and they have the ear canal and nearby fur. If it is not treated, ear mites can cause inflammation and potential deafness of the ears. Ear mites can easily spread between animals or even. Dogs and cats who are not at home may also be infected because humans may also be temporary fungus. Clinical symptoms infected with ear mites: Pets often scratch their ears and shake their heads. The ears converge to the wax -like substance (like grinding coffee beans) secreted by the outer ear canal sebaceous glands. The stimulation caused by ear mites saliva makes the external ear canal redness and inflammation. Frequent itching and continuous shaking your head can cause ear hematoma and face deformation. Treatment of ear mites: Use pet -dedicated ear washing water to completely clean the ear canal, and then drip it into the treatment of ear pinosuction (such as the dripstick of French Victor), rub it a few times on the outside of the ear to make the medicine uniformly distributed in the ear. 2-3 times a day. Ear mites are a more stubborn disease that requires continuous medication for more than 20 days until healing. All affected pets in the same home must be treated at the same time to reduce the chance of mutual infection. When cleaning the ear canal, be sure to use hemostatic pliers and cotton cotton to make cotton swabs; do not use cotton swabs, because the rod of cotton swabs is too hard, which will damage the epithelial cells of the ear canal, which may cause future bacterial infections and then become it. otitis. Or maybe poke to ear drums, causing inner ear injury. In addition, the cotton swab will push the earwax into the ear canal, plug the ear canal, and affect the treatment. How to make a cotton swab: Prepare a small hemostatic pliers, and then select the amount of cotton cotton according to the size of the ear canal, use hematopoietic tongs to roll into cotton swabs to clear the ears, the main point of the roll is to spread the cotton cotton, and use the hematopoietic tongs. The "a small part" of the cotton cotton ended at the end, then rotated to turn the cotton into strips. The rolled shape is long, and the thickness should be moderate. At the same time, the front end of the strip should be longer. It can deepen the ear canal to clean the earwax. At the same time, because the front end is soft, it will not hurt the ear canal. It is recommended to follow professionals to learn this method. The main point of clear ears: first pour the ear washing water into the ear canal, then use one hand to lift the ears to prevent the ear washing out, massage the ear canal, so that the ear washing and earwax fully use it, and then use the roll. Good cotton sticks clear their ears and can be cleaned several times. Then drip into the treatment of ear pills and massage the ears.

  3. Dogs often scratch their ears and have odor in their ears, they should be ear mites. It is better to use pet Shuntang wisdom. Mild and non -irritating, will not have any effect on pet health.
    It effectively eliminating ear odor, cleaning the dust of the ear, and making the pet ear canal clean and no odor. Usually take a bath for pets and clean up dogs' body debris.
    The brush of the whole body before taking a bath, so as not to be more serious. More stubborn hairs can be cut off with scissors. The leaves and miscellaneous leaves such as leaves and miscellaneous objects are cleaned up. Let the dog adapt to a bath first.
    let the dog stand firmly in the special bathtub. Dip the proper water temperature to humidify the whole body, gently sort out the hair on the dog, so that the dog feels comfortable and calm down with a bath

  4. Ear mites are chigger mites growing in the ears, which will produce a lot of earwax and dirt. Your dog may be mites outside the ears. Take it to a pet hospital for injections. The second will be fine!

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