4 thoughts on “Why do I die as soon as I raise a puppy?”

  1. First of all, you have to figure out the cause of the death of the puppy. If you have died due to infectious diseases, you have not done any disinfection measures at home. Do not raise it in a short time. If you raise it, puppy will be infected. If it is because the puppy itself is a sick dog or a dog with a bad development, I advise you not to buy or blindly buy it from the dog traffic. You should find a more experienced person to accompany you to the pet shop to choose (preferably and and The seller negotiates for a medical examination) or the dogs who directly give birth to the puppy from the dog to buy or buy.
    If the above two reasons are not, then you need to review the way you raise dogs. Many people like puppies but will not be raised correctly. It is easy to cause trouble to feed from time to time and feed. "Playing" dogs are too much, and they are not familiar with the surrounding environment and people who are not familiar with the surrounding environment and people, and they are easily frightened.

  2. The first choice to go to a regular place, choose, it is best to be the surrounding pet shops, physical stores, do not go to the pet market. The second see what the cause is dead. If it is infectious disease, it will take a while to raise it. There is a disinfection of Bai'an disinfection at home. Do not use other disinfectant, and continue to raise for about half a year.

  3. It is estimated that there is a small puppy in the air in your home and staying in the air. Then you have another puppy when you have not completely dispersed. The best way is to pass two years

  4. If you do not buy in a regular dog farm, it is likely to die high. If your dog has any infectious disease, you must disinfect it, and you will be separated from the dog. Either when the dog turns the intestines, you don't pay attention. There is no reasonable arrangement of the dog's diet. If it is overeating, if it is hungry. Puppy should eat less. Also, you ca n’t feed your bones. Dogs have their own dogs biting gum ... feeding bones will hurt the dog's body. There are also more dogs. This is very important. The dogs see you at home, you will be angry, and you will be sad. It will make trouble at home, bite the bite, and swallow some terrible things. So ... Before raising your own dogs, you must have reasonable conditions ...

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