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  1. Dogs will get ear mites. It may be because it is passed on by other small animals, or it may be that the ears do not pay attention to cleaning, and the ear mites can be taken. If a dog is suffering from ear mites in the home, it must be isolated as soon as possible and takes some methods to help it get rid of the entanglement of ear mites. Cleaning method:
    1, isolation dogs, cleaning room
    The ear mites are very contagious. In order not to be infected by others and small animals in the home, the sick dog must be separated at the first time. You can prepare a separate dog cage to put the dog in, and then bring the dog to the corner of the dog away from the corner of the crowd. After isolation of the dog, it is necessary to disinfect the dog's nest and pots that the dogs usually use.
    2. Clean the ear with pet cleaning liquid
    For the dog's ear mites, the owner can use cotton to get wet ear oil, gently clean the dog's outer ear, and then use pet cleaning fungus , Drop 2 to 3 drops into the dog's ear canal, covering its ears at the same time, and after waiting for dozens of seconds, the dirty Dongxi in the ears is fully dissolved. Dirty things are thrown out, this is the whole process of daily cleaning.
    3, supplementing nutrition
    The dog suffers from ear mites, and its body is weak. The dog owner can add nutrition to the dog during the nursing period. In addition to ecological dog food as a staple food, you can add some meat and nutrition cream as a nutritional supply. You can also use some small pieces of watermelon and strawberry to use free time. Small desserts after cooking for dogs.
    4. Keep the ear canal hygiene
    If the dog's ear to maintain a healthy state, the dog owner must do a regular inspection and regular cleaning of the dog's ears. It is recommended to clean the dogs 3 times a month, and the owner should protect the dog's ears in life to prevent it from getting water and injury. It is difficult for ear mites to come to the door.

  2. Yorkia (Details introduction)
    This ear mud disease is a kind of ear mites parasitic in the inner and outer ear of the dog, which causes the dog's ear itching, rubbing the ground hard object, shaking your head to grab the ear It will seriously cause the dogs to relay and psogy internal otitis media and external otitis media.
    . Pathogenic form
    At present, there are only one type of ear mites parasitic in dogs, namely itching mites of dog ears. The insect body is oval, the maxim mites are 0.274-0.362mm, and the size of the female mite is 0.345 ——0.451mm. Short -cone -shaped mouth. Foot 4 pairs, long, each pair of male mites at the end of the foot and female mites first and second pairs of feet have a handle suction cup with a short handle and regardless of section. The fourth pair of female mites is not developed and cannot extend the edge of the body. The nodule of the male mite body is not developed. Each nodule has four, four, four, and 4 rigidity, and there are 2 unknown anal suction cups in front of the nodule.
    This eggs are white, oval, one side is straight, and the length is between 166-206um.
    . The history of life
    This development of ear mites is incomplete perverted, and its development must go through the four periods of eggs, larvae, nymphs, and adults. Parasites in the skin surface and outer ear canal. After the alcca mating, the female eggs are produced, and the secretions are adapted to the dog's ear canal by the secretion when spawning.
    The duration of ears from eggs from eggs to adults with different environmental temperatures. Development can be completed after 13-15 days in the warm season. The cold season usually takes 3 weeks.
    When the relative humidity is relatively high, the ear mites have a longer survival time. The relative humidity is 80%and the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. Ear mites can survive for several months. Ear mites surviving in the surrounding environment can also cause infection through indirect contact.

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