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  1. Dogs usually like to call, what should I do if I keep calling? This should be the most troublesome issue of pet friends. In fact, you can try the following methods.
    1. When interrupting the dog barking
    When the dog barks, the first thing to do is to interrupt the dog's bark to avoid inconvenience to people. NO's instruction, let the dog know that you don't like it.
    of course you can also use some food to move the dog's attention, but after all, this is not a permanent method, so you still need to train your dogs to improve the obedience of the dog.
    2. Set the independent rest area
    If when you are not at home, the dog will always be called, which may be the symptoms of separation of anxiety. Set up a dog's dedicated rest area.
    It is to prepare a dog cage at home, put some toys and snacks in it, and some pet owners' old clothes, etc. This can make the dog feel not so boring. Open the TV or radio.
    3, reduce or avoid the source of stimuli
    The barking of dogs is actually a reason, such as seeing or hearing what attracts them, or other strange creatures entering their territory. Wait, the dog will make a warning.
    wants to stop this barking, the best way is not to let the dog contact the source of the stimulus, or the pet owner can also let the dog avoid Call.
    4. Borrowing some tools
    When dogs love to call, how to persuade it, the pet owner can borrow some tools, such as the mouth cover and barking device, let the dog stop, call, It can also play a role of punishment.
    Of course, these things cannot be excessively dependent. This is just used to remind dogs. If some dogs are extremely afraid of this, or have no effect, it is recommended to choose other methods.
    The best time to train dogs is between dogs from 3 to 6 months. At this time, dogs have better obedience and easier training. It is recommended to choose a nutritious dog snacks such as goat cheese, which can also help supplement nutrition during training.
    In addition to training dogs and giving dogs a good habit, you also need to pay more attention to the healthy diet of the dog. The nutrition source of dogs mainly comes from dog food. It is the health of the dog. It is recommended to choose a high -quality natural grain with low salt and low oil. Although the price is high, health is the most important. Occasionally, it is better to feed some fruits and vegetables.

  2. * Continuous barking, medium sound tone: "Come on, trouble, someone invades our field." This is a dog's alarm.
    * Continuous barking, but the speed is very slow, the tone is low: "The invaders are very close, ready to face!" This is also a warning to the invaders.
    * Every time a hurry barks, it is suspended, and then repeats: "We suspect that some invaders are approaching our field. I think we should be vigilant." For modern home Essence
    * Long or uninterrupted barking, which is not a short time interval: "Is anyone there? I'm lonely, I need a partner!" This is the dog's The most common reaction.
    * A sharp and short barking barking, the middle of the sound: "Hi, hello." This is a typical greeting voice.
    * Single sharp short barking, low tone: "Don't do that!" Usually the sound of the bitch was training the puppy, but it may also be bored or hurt by the owner (For example, when combing hair), the sound made.

  3. 1. When interrupting the dog bark barking, the first thing to do is to interrupt the dog's barking, so as not to bring inconvenience to people. Knowing that you don't like it. Of course, you can also use some snacks to transfer ...
    2. Set the independent rest area. If you say that when you are not at home, the dog will always call, which may be the symptoms of separation of anxiety, pet ... .
    3. Reduce or avoid stimulating the source of dog barking. There is a reason for the reason. For example, seeing or hearing what attracts their attention, or ...
    4. When the dog loves to call, how to persuade it, the pet owner can borrow some tools, such as the mouth cover and stop ...

  4. Barking is the nature of all dogs, and some dogs will be screaming and kept calling, so it is very annoying, especially in places where urban residents are dense now. Life will also have a certain impact on the surrounding neighbors. Maybe someone will complain, and it will be troublesome.

    When the dog keeps calling, the owner can try the movement of the exercise. When the dog is bored, the dog is best at Yangtian, that is, people often say that they are full, and they will always be called. Therefore, when you find that your dog is always calling, you might as well move it to find it for it. Exercise can also consume the dog's own physical strength. After playing tired, the dog can still sleep well, which is not a good thing for the dog. However, this method is only applicable to some breeds of dogs. It is best not to use spots and golden retriever.

    It, and the way to see it is also a way to deal with the dog. Some dogs naturally like to speak, especially when the audience is next to it, its speech ability is undoubtedly exposed. While how many people speak well, they do not know that this is particularly annoying. If you encounter such a situation, the dog must turn around when you call in front of you, so that no one will feel that no one listens to his speech, and you will stop barking if you are not interesting.

    Whats of dogs always call? The above two moves have been called very useful, but the owner must clarify the reason why the dog has been called before using it, and the right medicine should be used for the reason to truly allow it The dog stopped obediently.

  5. The dog has been calling because he may be hungry and you give him something to eat. If he eats things, he will be quiet and will not call anymore.

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