3 thoughts on “What kind of medicine is good for dogs to cough?”

  1. , Dog fever

    In injection: high fever or hot poison Kang

    3, dog's throat inflammation, lung pocket

    4, dog intestinal infection, cursive disease


    5, dog urethral infection, cystitis
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n Orally:

    . The daily natural nutrition of dogs, spend less money
    1, carrots: rich vitamins and minerals help puppies to form a good dental enamel.

    2, seaweed: rich in iodine, which grows very well for skin and fur. And enhance the digestion of dogs and promote the effective work of thyroid.

    3, apple: rich in food fiber, which is very helpful for improving constipation or intestinal problems. In addition, pectin in food fiber is also effective for eliminating toxins in the body. However, because apples contain too much sugar, be careful not to give the dog too much.

    The main apple seed dogs cannot be eaten.

    4, fruit juice: fruit juice is a good choice. It is rich in vitamin C to help dogs better control tear marks and muscle coordination. The pet owner can usually drop a few drops of water to the dog, but also control the amount.

    5, broccoli: broccoli is composed of buds and stems. In addition to containing β -carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, it also contains iron and food fiber is very nutritious food. In particular, the fiber content of the stems is very rich.

    6, soybeans: Soy is rich in plant protein, which is also a good dog food. If the dog's protein intake is insufficient, in addition to causing weakness, it will also increase the possibility of virus infection. But pay attention to: If you want the dog to eat soybeans, cook soybeans with water until it is very soft and then eat it for the dog.

    7, honey: Natural nutrition, when the dog is sick, a spoon is mixed with two cups of water for the dog, which recovers the dog's body very well.

    8, mutton: If the dog feels insufficient weight, you can cook mutton for him. Basically feed once a week. It is necessary to pay attention to raw meat for dogs, otherwise the dog will have itchy rashes.

  2. Hu Changshu cough syrup small Bupleurum, moisturizing the throat and clearing the lungs, helping the dog reduce the frequency of the occurrence of the disease. This is the case of my second hackage. The problem of coughing is to take this medicine to solve it, and the effect is very good. There is no bad response.

  3. Hello, what kind of medicine is good for dogs to cough? I personally think that you can make a reference and don't give it to him at home. Patients, you take him to the veterinarian to see what the reason is, the dog coughs. The right medicine will be very fast, okay, thank you.

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