3 thoughts on “Why is the dog always dead?”

  1. It may be a problem with feeding, or maybe the fatal virus of a dog at home. Re -raising the dog before removing it. The new dogs are caused by the virus. If a dog is not died normally, the cause of death should be found. If a dog's infectious disease dies, it takes one year to raise the dog. Raising dogs requires patience, hoping that more people will care for small animals.
    Is to determine dog breeding, first of all, you must master a certain knowledge of dog breeding, and initially understand the breeds, appearance, physiological characteristics, living habits, personality characteristics, and health knowledge of dogs. Secondly, your own family conditions and surrounding environment should also be considered. On this basis, combined with your own personality hobbies, you can choose your ideal dogs and make it healthy.
    In puppies could not hear or see when they were born. After 10-14 days, I opened my eyes and began to be familiar with the surrounding environment. Since then, there is no time to peace. After 3 weeks, puppies began to grow deciduous and have new nails. Four weeks later, the puppies started to love. As long as they woke up, they always wanted to leave the bed. But these little guys cannot walk on the harder ground, and it will hurt their tendon and joints over time. It is best to find a good sky and take them to the grass to play. The owner should find some toys for them, so that they are enlightenment education for their future bite training.
    The dog breeding should start with puppies, and the best time to buy puppies at the age of 2 to June. Under normal circumstances, don't buy adult dogs. The puppies who were born shortly were not yet mature, there was no deep impression on things, no bad habits were developed, and they were easy to receive training. They could establish deep feelings with the owner. Good training, bad habits, complicated background, etc. In short, it is not easy to make an adult dog loyal to your dog. On the contrary, it will bring many unexpected problems.

  2. Dogs are like family members. They need the owner to take care of them carefully. If they are not very detailed, they usually care too little. Lost. Therefore, raising dogs is always dead, mainly care for it.
    So how should I take care of the dog?
    It the first thing to buy a dog to check the body of the dog, and take the vaccine when you are small. Try not to take it out to walk out 3 months ago. When you go out, you must tie the chain.
    , at the same time, avoid several misunderstandings. For example, some owners think that the dogs are bent back dirty, and they often take a bath for the dogs. Do you not know that taking a bath every day will bring a lot of diseases to the dog, especially skin diseases. Under normal circumstances, take a bath every 10-15 days.
    The calcium misunderstanding. Of course, calcium supplementation for dogs is necessary. Calcium plays an important role in animal body. If calcium deficiency in the diet, it should be appropriately made up. But if you give the dog a lot of calcium for a long time, too much calcium will also cause disease. The best way is to feed high -quality dog ​​food from the puppies.

  3. Dogs have to vaccine when they arrive. This is very important. Dogs who have been vaccinated will not die even if they are ill. When it's okay, go to the pet website to see the knowledge about dog raising. You will raise it.

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