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  1. The pressure of urban white -collar workers is constant, so many people choose to raise pets to help decompression. Thinking of a warm home in the warm home, did you speed up the pace of going home? If you haven't considered which dogs are going to raise as your partner in the next ten years, hurry up and do the following test questions. Maybe you can solve the trouble of "choosing fear" for you who are still tangled!

    1. What will you do when you are angry?
    A. I hope someone comforts you B. Sitting stupidly
    C. Pooring things hard, venting emotions D. Sitting stupidly
    2. Your work hours are How was it?
    A. Do not go to work B. Freedom, free control time
    C. Fixed to work time D. Frequent overtime
    3. Which fruit do you prefer?
    . Strawberry B. Apple
    C. Watermelon D. Pineapple
    4. Do you usually like to go where you like to go?
    A. Suburban B. Cinema
    C. Park D. Shopping Mall
    5. If you must live with an animal you hate, which one would you choose?
    A. Snake B. Pig
    C. Mouse C. Fly
    6. Which weather phenomenon do you prefer?
    . Snow B Wind
    C. Rain D. Mist
    7. The weather is hot. Which method will you choose to relieve heat?
    A. Swimming B. Open the fan
    C. Eat cold drink D. Open air conditioner
    8. What transportation do you like?
    A. Train B. Bicycle
    C. Car D. Airplane
    9. If you have a villa, where would you tell it?
    A. Lake Bedra B.
    A. Suspense reasoning B. Love story category
    C. Natural sciences D. Gun war category
    The test results:
    The test results A are 2 points, B is 5 points for 5 points , C is 7 points, D is 10 points. Calculate the results quickly.
    (0-25 points) 1. Malzis dog: It is said that there is an elegant of the nobles in the dog, lively and sensitive, feels affection for people, and has a rich expression.
    (26-50 points) 2. Japanese dogs: lively personality, relatives with others, especially suitable for fashion women.
    (51-75 points) 3. Pomeranian: a small, not occupying land, cheerful, lively, no smell, but the hair loss during the hair change is more powerful, it needs to be taken care of, it is suitable for women, but it is not enough. Essence
    (76-100 points) 4. VIPs: It has the title of the King of Beauty, smart, beautiful, and best set off the elegant temperament of the hostess.

  2. Most dogs have hair loss, and seasonal hair changes, especially dogs with skin diseases, are even more seasons. Before raising dogs, you must consider it clearly. Given that you work during the day, it is more suitable for raising golden hair. The small dog is very dependent on people. No one will accompany the daytime.
    It, many cities now have stray dog ​​rescue agencies. I do n’t know where you are. You can learn through the forum and Weibo. It is also a good way to use adoption instead of purchasing. I wish you good luck ~

  3. Golden retriever. First of all, you like golden retriever, and the golden retriever is more docile, and you can get along with your baby. It shows that raising dogs will not affect the baby as long as you pay attention to hygiene. If you raise it, it is recommended not to abandon it in the future. The sausages can be raised without hair removal.

  4. You can feed the dog as long as you have love and patience and responsibility, otherwise it will be exempted, because it is necessary to take care of it. If there is no responsibility, let it be a stray dog

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