5 thoughts on “Which dog species to choose first pet dogs are the most suitable?”

  1. If it is the first time to raise a pet dog, I recommend that you can raise a VIP, Chihuahua, or Bear, because these dogs are relatively easy to raise, and their personality is very mild. Small dogs will not be dismantled at home, and they are also very cute. They will make the owner happy, which is very suitable for novices.
    . The poodle
    It the first time the dog nourishment country is more recommended, because this dog is usually smart, lively, hair is soft and not much hair loss. Take care of those who do not like trouble, and have a lot of shapes that have been selected, which can be used for novice choices. When the novice just raised a pet dog, it must be curious and fresh, and the poodle is a very sticky dog, which can directly meet the needs of many novices. The poodle breed can be said to be suitable for all ages, but the degree of training is also very high. It can quickly learn some simple actions.
    . Chihuahua
    Chihuahua is also a kind of Xiaoxing dust. The average life expectancy is 12 to 15 years. The biggest advantage is small and lively, very cute, and very courageous. Chihuahua's food is relatively small, so it is more convenient for novices to raise. Don't worry too much. The requirements for space are relatively low. Give the dog a house, and it is particularly sticky. Essence The disadvantage of badness is love, but most of them are alert. For example, when strangers approach, Chihuahua's hair is short, and it is better to take care of it.
    . The rolling hair bibicine
    The rolled hair is very cute than the bear. The body is white and the value is very high. This kind of dog is very lively, but compared to others, if it comes to coming, it is not very sticky, and it is usually better at home because the hair is rolled, so the owner often combed the dog. Bie's personality is more lively and has a cheerful trait, so it can be active in the home. For novices, raising a cute and lively bears is also very happy.

  2. Golden retriever can be described as a popular lover, with high face value, high IQ, friendly to people, very warm, and good constitution. It is a good choice for those who raise dogs for the first time.
    The only bad thing is that the hair loss is relatively serious. The foods that people eat or have large oil and salt are easy to lead to rough hair and insufficient nutrition. Therefore, it is best to choose some high meat content. Feeding natural dog food.

  3. I personally think that Chuyang's pet dog is best to choose Teddy, because it is very obedient, very docile, and very good for training. It is particularly sensible and is excellent to the owner.

  4. You can choose the border shepherd. This dog is very smart, and it is very convenient to raise. Relatively speaking, the character of this dog is also milder.

  5. Suitable for the first -raised pet dogs, Bian Mu, German Mu, Alaska, Corgi, Chisha. Golden retriever, Labrador, West Highland, etc.

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