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  1. Suitable for the dogs raised by girls' office workers
    The dogs who are suitable for girls raised by girls. The amount of exercise of some dogs in one day can fully meet their activity, so the owner does not need to walk the dogs often. There are many benefits to raising dogs, and they can also help housekeeping. The following sharing dogs who are suitable for girls who are suitable for girls.
    The dogs suitable for girls who are raised by girls' office workers.
    Barie: Personality, lively and cheerful, I like to play with the owner, strong adaptability
    Bumei: naughty and cute, love your owner very coquettish.
    Samoyed: I am friendly, smiling angels, and not aggressive.
    Labrado: Meight obedient, clever and kind, responsible, and one of the best choices for guide dogs.
    side pastoral: high IQ, love to play.
    Alaska: Give you a lot of security, very enthusiastic.
    Corgi: Mild personality, vigorous energy, and particularly cute.

    Heh Inu: Higher personality, very enthusiastic about people, watching the little expert in home nursing homes.
    Husky: It looks like a nap, and it is also handsome.
    The poodle: small body, less eat, clever and good training.
    Paba: Personal personality, clean love.
    For novices, it is more suitable for novices, small, small, obedient dogs
    Recommended: Golden Retriever, Bear, poodle, Bomei, Palace, Shiba Inu.
    For girls, it is more suitable for girls. The small, small, clean -loving dog
    Recommended: Bichon, Bomei, poodle, Shiba Inu, Corgi.
    For office workers, it is more suitable for dogs with quiet personality and unpacking home
    Recommended: Golden Retriever, Bianpu, Samoyed, Labrado.
    The dogs suitable for girls who are raised by girls. It is more suitable for dogs with a slightly smaller body;
    It recommended some dogs who are not severe hair removal. After all, girls office workers are also hard after work. If you are working hard, it is difficult to ensure the energy of the next day;
    I is suitable for dogs raised by girls, and it is recommended that office workers raising some small dogs and more good dogs, such as Teddy or Sherry, Chisha ,Pomeranian.

    1. Chihuahua: Small exercise, no hair loss, is suitable for office workers without many free time.
    2. Pomeranian: Not only is it flattering in appearance, but also very docile, especially suitable for girls.
    3. Sherry: Sherina is called a "apartment dog", which is very suitable for urban office workers. Their biggest feature is that they do not lose hair and have a small taste. They are very suitable for office workers.
    The time of time for office workers to accompany the dogs, cultivating dogs alone and cultivating the ability to be alone. Dogs may encounter some dangerous items at home, which may cause damage to themselves or noisy to neighbors.
    It move to work before work, consume its energy, you can put more items with your taste at home. In this case, it will take a break to sleep with the items with your taste during the day, waiting for waiting you come back.
    The dogs suitable for girls' office workers 3 1. Chihuahua
    Chihuahua is a small dog, very docile and cute, generally about 15-23 cm, and there is not much room for activity space. Although it is a small dog, there is no shortage of hunting and prevention of large dogs. It is extremely supported by the owner and is not timid to other dogs. It can make you very secure. Not much, it can be said that it is a small dog. The first choice.
    2. Bermes Dog
    Seeing Bomei girls, I think they will be dumped by its beautiful face. There are diverse colors, so that you can choose according to your preferences, temperament, and like the owner's gentle touch
    This is not like the chaos of the VIP, quiet and gentle, very suitable for girls to raise, but it is worth noting that the friends who raise Bomei It is necessary to strengthen discipline because it is easy to be flattered, and it will be provoked by the owner to the big dog by the owner outside.
    If you are a housewife who has been married at home, usually sufficient time, or work for many years, there is a certain economic foundation and loose time, there are enough places to provide space for dogs to provide activities for dogs
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n So I can recommend two medium -sized dogs for your reference:
    1. Border Shepherd Dog
    The dogs with the number one pet dog IQ are very smart, good at observing words, and can quickly understand the owner quickly The meaning of expression, the middle -body dog, is the same very ideal family raising partner. The learning ability and understanding ability are relatively loyal.
    In someone described its loyalty. Its evaluation is very high, there is no body odor. It can be combed 2-3 times a week. It is also very gentle to treat the family. It can be said that it is the first dog species in family life. With its smart personality, when your husband and wife quarrel, Maybe the belligence will be pulled!
    2. Samoyed
    The white fur, noble and elegant temperament, black and bright eyes, creating Samoya's beautiful appearance, with a strong body, but extremely docile, and will not take the initiative to give the owner to the owner Finding trouble, I always like to stay quietly, just like a quiet beautiful man, understanding, and holding out a particular sense of security. Basically, there is no experience. It is a medium -sized dog that is more suitable for girls.
    If you do n’t have a cold to small dogs and medium -sized dogs, if you love a little dog breed
    Id Xiao Li here recommends a very good dog species for you:
    , 1, Labrado
    Labrador is a medium and large dog. It is one of the world's recognized non -aggressive dog species. It has good training and obedience. It is very friendly to people. Very enthusiastic, more stable temperament, will not be easily irritated
    This can get along well with children of all ages, the body hair is short, it looks clean and easy to take care of it, the body is perfect, no, no, no Love barking, not disturbing the people, picky eaters, and supporting it. If you like medium and large dogs, you can consider it.
    The dogs suitable for girls who are raised by girls 4 1. Bomei: It is very suitable for petite girls, because this dog is very delicate, very coquettish, and at the same time is docile. Personality: healthy and cheerful, have a personality, and vibrant. The most eye -catching is its loyal and friendly personality. Although it belongs to a small dog, it will show a brave and fierce side when it comes to emergencies.
    2. Chihuahua: Not only cute small toy dogs, but also the hunting and precautionary instinct of large dogs, with temperament similar to stalk dogs. This dog is divided into long hair and short hair species.
    This dog -like petite, tough will, elegant, vigilant, fast movement, with a well -proportioned physical fitness and petite body shape, loved by people. Not timid to other dogs, very brave, can defend themselves in the face of big dogs, and are very exclusive to the owner.
    3. Poodle/noble dog (teddy dog); mini poodle and toys poodle smart, lively, excellent temperament, and approachable. It is a loyal dog breed. Very agile, smart and elegant dog, square structure, proportional proportion, strong and confident steps.
    The standard poodle also retains its ability to be a hound. Swimming is very good, clever and easy to learn. This kind of dog is happy and docile. It is a good pet that girls like.

    4. Butterfly dog: butterfly dog ​​is very easy to get close, smart, happy, vigilant, friendly. The physical fitness looks stronger and likes outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to the owner and will be jealous of the third party. The most suitable for baby girls.
    5. Japanese silver fox: They are smart and lively and energetic. At the same time, the owner's life companion is also an excellent watch dog. It is sensitive to what happened around. I prefer barking, especially when strangers approach. The obedience and learning ability are high. This active puppy likes to play and capture games. They are generally friendly to women, children and other pets.
    6. Gang Mao Hunting Sympae: Fox Hunting Sirdles are family dogs with deep feelings. They have strong protection capabilities. This dog is cheerful. The vigilant and enthusiastic personality makes it a popular family dog.

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