5 thoughts on “What should I do if the puppy always calls a living?”

  1. The puppy called to a stranger, perhaps because the dog was born with boldness, and kept yelling for the other person, trying to scare the other party with a call.
    of course, some dogs may feel the pressure when the stranger approaches, and thinks that strangers are here to grab the site. Therefore, in order to protect themselves and the site, pet dogs will certainly keep moving towards strangers for strangers. Call.

    It to solve this problem, in addition to the owner's reprimand and instructions, you can also solve it in other ways.

    1. First of all, you can't contact pet dogs forced. Since the dog calls you (strangers), then don't try to approach it immediately. You can show your friendly attitude first, be a dog as a dog Dogs eliminate your hostile attitude towards you, and slowly trust you will not call you.

    2, followed by the correct method of approaching the dog. You must know that the awareness of dogs is completely different from people, and behaviors that look normal in people may be full of attacks in the eyes of dogs. Therefore, if you want to approach the dog, you have to master a better way.

    of course, let the dogs do not always call strangers, so when the dog is small, it can guide it to contact some strangers, so that pet dogs understand that many strangers have no hostility. Cultivating the brave personality of dogs from an early age allows it to grow up normally when it grows up, and don't call it loudly.

  2. It is called to attract the care and attention of the owner. If you can't fight, the more you call it more fierce next time. At this time, the owner should hold the dog up to appease, and his tone should be gentle. Don't fight and scold the dogs. In fact, it does not admit that you have done something wrong in the subconscious. At this time, it will cause it to cause it to cause it.
    1. You'd better disperse the dog's attention and attract it with snacks, language, or toys. If necessary, take it to the place where no one will reflect

    2, stop walking and gradually shorten the outing time, as long as the dog scolds the street and immediately go home. If one day, the dog will not scold the street. The owner should give rewards immediately. The dog must be understood.

    , this is my experience of dog breeding, you can try

  3. As the saying goes, "Dogs that love don't bite people." In fact, it is because he is afraid, but it does not bite people. When playing, pay attention not to hurt it. Occasionally try to appease it when it is called, and touch it. If it is not fierce, pinch its mouth (pay attention to its own safety). Afraid of scaring people's words, use the chain to tie it.

  4. Wearing a mask can only prevent dog bite.
    It you can take it out. When you see the stranger's call, hit the two sides of his mouth. Do not fight the other parts. In addition, pay attention when playing puppies, fight when it makes mistakes, don't wait for the mistakes, you are going to fight, it doesn't know why you hit it, it will feel wronged.
    This is to prepare snacks. If you do n’t call or do you have no strangers, you will reward the snack immediately.

  5. There is no way to see the housekeeper. It's good. I can't help my dog ​​that wants to die like that to live. I really have been having a fierce time, but it really doesn't use it until I came in at the door of my house. But it found that since then we feel that it is still good haha. Later, when I came, I took it. I held it together to see the guest. I told it not to let this alleviate a little bit

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