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  1. Pet dog training can achieve the following points: 1. The rules of dog training bowel movements. Sanitary breeding prevents odors, and do not get angry even if the bowel movement does not follow the rules. If you raise dogs indoors, you must cultivate the habit of defecating puppy. The dog loves cleanliness, and it will not defecate in its own nest.
    2. Train puppy to eat. For pet dogs, the first thing that needs to be trained is the eating of dogs. Because of good eating habits, it can effectively care for the dog's stomach, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and promote the development and growth of the body as soon as possible Essence
    3. The password should be consistent. When training dogs, you can set different passwords for different behaviors, and do not change at will, let the dogs remember to get used to it, next time it can understand your instructions.
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