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  1. Dogs have been squatting to urinate, indicating that the dog is a problem of less urine. This may be caused by too little drinking water, too salty and greasy diet, and urinary problems. Need to deal with symptomatic treatment.
    1. The amount of drinking water is small
    The ducts of the dog are mainly related to drinking water. If the dog does not drink water for a long time, then the urine in the body will be less. Essence In this regard, pet owners can place clean drinking water next to the dog's rice bowl, so that the dog's meal will drink water as soon as possible and increase the amount of drinking water.
    2, the mood is not good or cold

    The dog suddenly changes in the weather. When the cold, or when you are in a bad mood, the bladder content is likely to form magnesium phosphate crystals to block the dog The urethra allows the dog to urinate. In response to this situation, in addition to keeping the dog warm in time, the pet owner also needs to move more with the dog to happy the dog's body and mind.
    3, urinary problem
    The dogs cannot urinate, and also involve urinary problems, such as urinary stones, urinary tract infections, kidney disease and other diseases. If the situation is not serious, you can feed some pets to supplement nutrition, and guide dogs to drink plenty of water to accelerate metabolism. If necessary, you need to send a medical examination, and feed the pet urine for anti -inflammation to help the dog recover at an early date.

  2. I took a diuretic medicine this morning, and I only dropped out at noon without urine. I went to the urine at noon, but did not guide the urine. Due to the urine, I was afraid of the infection and an anti -inflammatory needle. True worry. What should I do if it is diatopia? Is it only surgery? Is there no other way? Will there be sequelae after surgery? Answer: Dogs intake too much salt, or drink less water, and when the water quality is harder, it will cause stones. Dog urethral stones can cause irritation and damage to urinary tract mucosa. If the stones formed are more serious, it is likely to hurt the urethra or bladder when losing through, which depends on whether the technique is skilled. Essence However, as long as antibacterial and anti -inflammatory treatment is continued in about a week, there are generally no major problems. It is normal for dogs to be mentally bad. As for the phenomenon it pulls and vomits, it is not because it happens directly after the urine, which is not necessarily connected. You can give symptomatic treatment, I believe it will get better after a week under your careful care.
    It, it is recommended that you still have to give some salt when feeding it. This will help the dog to increase drinking water and urination, which can reduce the formation of stones. Take it for it, such as hyaluronic acid pantanic composite preparations. It is only a day and a half to a piece. After a few days, it is paused and it will be fed for a few days at a time. This has the effect of treating urine and preventing recurrence. Question: Is there any other name in hyaluronic acid potassium composite preparation? Where can I buy it? Is it only taken for a long time? Answer: You can go to the pharmacy to ask, it should be eaten. The dose of the dogs will be reduced, and it is enough for a day and a half to one day. Only this name

  3. If your pet dog does not come out, it is likely that you have suffered from urinary system diseases, which is also called urinary syndrome. Medically, this is not an exact diagnosis, but a medical term to describe a series of clinical symptoms. When your dog can't urinate, you should be alert to detect whether the dog has infected with such urinary system diseases and find its cause.
    The dog urinary system syndrome, in addition to the situation where there is no urine, may also occur; frequent toilet but rarely urinate each time; difficulty in urination; urethral blockage; Pain); irregular urination and so on outside the sand basin and so on. When you find similar illnesses, you should pay attention to that the dog may have a urinary system disease, and you need to take the medical treatment and receive treatment in time.
    Is that the dogs are not urinating, you should also take it to see the doctor first. After diagnosis determine the cause of the cause, it should be treated with the help of a doctor. Parents cannot give the dog without authorization. Treatment of medication.
    If the dog is completely blocked, that is to say, there is no drop of urine, and the bladder is as large as an egg, then it must be guided by it within 24 hours. efficient. If the dog is not guided in time, it will break the bladder for more than 24 hours, causing major bleeding and urinary poisoning, and death within 3 or 5 days.
    If the dog is non -complete urinary tract blockage, then you can choose to take an injection and take medicine, such as the oral half of the half -packet for an oxal (hydroxylinoininin dried syrup), 2 times a day/injection tube or mixing cats; 2. Proconcin (special effects), fluoropic acid (commonly used); 3. Furatamidine (bephoin)/reference child quantity decrease; 4. Celebrate (injection or oral)/reference child quantity decrease reduction /Injection tube feeding or mixing cat food; 5. penicillin (injection)/reference child quantity decrease; 6. Cefrad ding injection 0.25g/time/day (0.5g cefrading 2ml of sterile injection water) dexicon phosphoric acid Sodium 0.5ml/day (night) and so on. [Of course, this is to obtain the doctor's consent to give the dog medicine. 】
    PS: Dogs infected with urinary system diseases are not fun. Be sure to take it to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and choose the appropriate treatment method with the help of the doctor to alleviate the situation of their urine and let the urine. Dogs can slowly restore health.
    Daily pet network:/zixun/57/n-85157

  4. Disease name: Stone treatment plan: Condition analysis: Hello, you can go to the hospital for a urine for the dog. It is best to go to the hospital for a X -ray examination to see if it is caused by the
    diagnosis suggestion: you give the dog to the hospital for examination. Give the dog oral three gold films twice a day and use 3-5 days to prevent measures: Pay attention to the state of the dog and diet hygiene, drink plenty of water to ban bones and dirty things
    Nutrition experts Suggestion:
    P18: effectively dissolve the crystals and stones of the bird's manure and stones; dilute the risk of urine crystals for dilution; increase the amount of urine and ensure regular bladder flushing. Low magnesium content to prevent birds and stones. At the same time, it can prevent dental stones. Royal dog urinary tract prescription grain LP18

  5. Go to see a doctor and see if it is urethritis or stones or stones. Take your dog out to walk out and give it more time to go to the toilet. My dog ​​has frequent urination some time ago, but there is not a lot of pose to urinate every time. It is urethritis. There is a small crystal in the urine in the microscope. After eating antibiotics for 10 days, the next day when I eat antibiotics. Be sure to see a doctor. The dog's urinary system is very complicated. It may be just a urethral problem, or there may be the problem of liver and kidney. Look at the mental state of your dog, eating and drinking and playing. If the spirit is very good, the meal is very fragrant, and the bend is very positive. Generally, there are no major problems. Keep on the moment, go to see regular veterinarians!

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