5 thoughts on “Dogs are no longer urinating?”

  1. The following reasons may not occur if the dog does not urinate. Drinking too little water, and the diet is too salty and too dry. If there is a reason for this reason, you must adjust it in time, choose to feed the dogs with light and low -salt and diuretic liquid food, and increase the amount of drinking water from the dog, let it drink plenty Exercise, promote the body's metabolic cycle.

    . The problem of urinary

    If the dog's drinking water is increased, it still has no urine, which may be some problems in the urinary system. Essence In this regard, if the dog's mental state is better, but it can't be peeing in a short time, the pet owner can observe by feeding the dog's urinary powder such as pets. If it does not work after taking it, or the dog problem is more serious, you need to take it to the hospital for examination and treatment immediately.

    three, urine stones

    If frequent pelvic pose without urine, at the same time, irritability, want to squat, want to sit down, want to sit down , Repeat the circle again, then the dog is likely to have urinary stones. This kind of situation is relatively complicated. It is recommended to take the dog to the pet hospital in time. It is determined that after the urinary stones cause the urine, let the veterinaries take out the stones that affect the urination

  2. The first point, it may be because of the small food and water content, or there is no intake at all. There is no formation, the water of urine, and there is no food for the formation of stools. Naturally, it does not shit or pee. The second point may be a strange environment. Dogs are nervous and are unwilling to urinate and shit. They will pull them after the emotional relaxation. Third, there may be pain in urination, so the urine can not be discharged. It is recommended to see if there is a stones to block the urethra and then treat them symptomatically.

  3. Occasionally do not urinate or hinders. If this is often used, it depends on whether there are stones. You can feed the urine and promote urination. It's normal for two weeks to urinate

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