5 thoughts on “The dog hasn't peeed for several days, what should I do!”

  1. First, drink too little water. When the dog does not urinate for three days, the pet owner must first check the dog's drinking water to see if it is too small in daily drinking water, plus the dog food too dry, or the other foods are too dry and hot air. Essence If there is such a situation, it is recommended to drink plenty of water for the dogs and feed some diuretic liquid food appropriately, and then observe the dog's response.
    . The problem of urinary tract. If there is still no urine after increasing the dog's drinking water, it may be that there are some problems with urinary tract. In this regard, if it is unclear, it is caused by the reasons, and the dogs still look normal and healthy, or if it is sorted out after surgery, you can consider mixing some urinary such as pet virtues in the daily diet of the dog. Powder to observe. If the effect is not ideal or the problem is serious, it is recommended to send the dog to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.
    three, disease factors. Dogs do not urinate for three days, and may also suffer from diseases such as urinary stones. This kind of situation is more complicated. It is difficult to solve it if you just rely on home care. Therefore, the pet owner should take the dog to the pet hospital to check in time to determine that it is caused by diseases such as urinary stones, and then let the veterinarian take out the stones that affect the dog's urination. After surgery, pay attention to the dogs.

  2. Go to the pet hospital as soon as possible to check it. In theory, if it does not urinate for several days, the situation is not good. It may be that the urinary system has a serious lesion. Because even if the amount of water is very small, urination will still be urinated. If you do not urinate for a long time, you will not only damage the kidneys, but also the accumulated toxins cannot be discharged, and there are problems with the entire body.

  3. If you don't drink too little water and drink too little, it may be that there is a problem with the dog's kidney. My family is the acute kidney decline, and then I have never urinated. Fortunately, I went to the hospital the next day. I have damaged some kidney function, and now I eat well at home. I have more urine than at the beginning, and I can eat some meals.

  4. He did not urinate for several days. It may be because of a problem with the kidneys, or there may be a problem with the urinary system. You bring it to a pet hospital for a comprehensive examination.

  5. At this time, there are problems with dogs. It is recommended to go to a nearby pet hospital to see the situation and find out.

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