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  1. Recently, some friends reported that their dogs sometimes howl like wolfs. The old man in the family said that it was not auspicious. Some people said that this was run by dogs such as Husky. This is the dog being accusing or being wronged, so why is it?
    Llexing is a way to communicate with you or other dogs (focusing on). Dogs howls are how painful, lonely, or hear a provocative voice. What caused dogs to howl is more common in fire truck sirens, police cars or other harsh sounds. If the dog's howl is frequent and annoying, then you can train the dog and make him feel numb to the sound.
    The reason why dogs howl: 1. Answer this sound
    When rushing to extinguish the fire, the fire truck will make a loud. And pedestrian way to open the way. From a distance, the sound is very much like a dog's sorrow. According to the "Dog: Ultimate Care Guide: Good Body Health, Love, Latest Life", the dog thinks that this may be another dog saying hello, because curious he will respond to this "dog" with a roar, in fact It is an alarm. "Roar is usually a form of communication between dogs. Therefore, dogs will think that this is another dog, talking to him in a far place. R n
    The sound of fire truck siren is loud, sharp tone, and the dog sounds even higher. According to the Doppler effect, your dog thinks that when a mobile fire truck is close to him, The sound of the siren has become higher; when it drove away, the sound of the siren became lower. According to Louisiana State University, it can be known that dogs can hear up to 45 Hz tweers, and humans can only hear 23 Hz. Some dogs will be annoyed because of frustration, including howling the siren of the high -frequency tone that you can't hear. The dog even finds that his roar sound can stop it -in fact, the fire truck just drives away. It's just.
    3. Use howling to remind the owner

    Is hearing the siren of the fire truck, the dog may remind you this strange, loud sound. When he howling passing by, you tried to appease him, so inadvertently strengthening his behavior of responding to the siren. According to the Central News Agency, any type of attention, even shouting to let the puppy calm down. Negative attention passed a message to your dog: If he howls of the alert, you will pay attention to him. If he howls to get your attention, then when he howle Ignore him, maybe you can terminate this behavior.
    This howling about dogs: Occasionally howling because of the siren passing by the fire truck, this is not a problem, but if you live in a fire station, it will It may be a problem. The US Association for preventing the Animal Association suggested that playing a recording of a fire truck alert or waiting for a real fire truck. When he started to growl, he said "quiet" to him and feed him some very small chicken. , To avoid his howling. You can also observe that when the sound is still, if he stops growing, he will use snacks to reward him. In the end, he will know that when he is quiet, he will be rewarded. Down.

  2. Because the ancestor of the dog is the wolf, the dogs are slowly evolved from the wolf. The dog learning wolf is just a instinctual response. Some nature of the wolf has not completely degraded the dogs.

  3. At this time, it is usually warning its owner, or in the estrus period, and to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Usually, the owner must take care of their dogs and protect them.

  4. The dog was slowly evolved by the wolf, so it is still normal wolf howling. Sometimes after the dogs are frightened, they may also vent them by howling

  5. If this happens, it may be that the dog is more sad recently, or the dog is looking for its own companion, or the dog's attention is attracting the opposite sex.

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