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  1. In fact, dog howling is their natural communication. In addition, there are some other reasons. The most acceptable statement about howling dogs is, "Dogs are the heirs of wolves. They carry some wolves' habits, howling is one of them."
    The reason for how the dog howls are:
    1. Vocal communication
    The howl of the wild wolf is their natural vocal communication.
    The roar they roar are exchanged messages to them separately, inform them of their own existence and current position. This method can help them find each other.
    The dogs also inherited this behavior from their ancestors, and sometimes they convey the news to their companions by howling.
    2. Defending territory
    The territory of the dog is another genetic characteristics from the wolf.
    Dogs also occupy territory like a wolf, live in a certain field, and defend their boundaries.
    Is when they observe or suspect that other members are occupying their boundaries, they will warn the members by issuing howling and inform their companions.
    3. Separational anxiety
    Dogs are naturally packaged animals. They live together with groups and have a strong separation of anxiety.
    When they feel separate from their companions, or any companion in their teams disappear.
    This will cause roar and send information to the missing members. The meaning of this information is "I am here, where are you"?
    What behaviors are observed on stray dogs. When they find that they separate from their companions or observe any member disappear, they will howl.
    You may have noticed that when the wandering puppy has been waiting for their mother, the puppy will start howling.
    4. The separation anxiety of the owner
    The dog is a loyal, affectionate, emotional partner, deeply attached to their owners and families.
    For the separation of separation, they emit howl.
    In observation, you can notice that, usually, when you bring your dog to a new place, you can adapt to its new residence when you are nearby, but when you leave it, it will feel The anxiety of separation may begin howling.
    5. Finding attention
    Dogs are always keen to attract your attention and love.
    Is when they lack physical exercise or feel nervous, they need more attention, and sometimes they make different tricks to attract your attention.
    But if their needs are not met, they will start howling to suggest you. At this time, howling is mild, which is the way they attract your attention.
    6. Isolation trouble
    If a dog stays alone for a long time, it may feel lonely and will do unusual activities.
    The people complained that when their pet dogs stay at home for a long time, it starts to dismantle the house, tear the furniture to shatter, and stain the carpets.
    In addition, they are complained by neighbors because of the roar of the dog and the noise created.
    It isolation anxiety is a common problem for all dogs. They will make some behaviors and roar in non -expected way.
    7. Success and excitement
    When dogs are successful or excited, they like to show their achievements to get praise. However, if they can't call his master, they will howl at this time, because howling is their natural voice communication mode.
    It, you can also observe that the hounds often howl when you find an object or success in the prey. Because they like to reveal their success and express their joy to get the master's appreciation.
    8. Medical problems
    Sometimes when they are sick or have problems with physical problems, they will make a loud voice, which means that they are suffering from internal pain. You may have seen or heard stray dogs happening Howling when accidental damage.
    So if your dog is howling, then you need to check if there is any physical harm or whether they are sick.
    If the dog does not have any obvious damage, it continues to howl, I suggest you better take it to the hospital for examination.
    9. I feel uneasy or irritated
    . If your dog is annoyed or sad, it will also howl.
    It, like some dogs, the sounds made by the instruments such as the piano, the piano, and other instruments are a kind of irritating noise for them, and they will always cause howling when they listen.
    It, there are other sounds that can make them cracking down, such as alarm clocks, electronic beeps and alarms, and so on.
    10. In response to high noise or sound
    Sometimes when you make a high barking sound, your dog may start howling, or when a dog starts to howl, other dogs are also Will start howling, some people think that this may be the dog's natural response mode
    . In addition, some specific trebles will cause dog howls. For example, when there are police cars, fire brigades or ambulances, the dogs will start howling with special sounds.
    Extended information:
    Oh how to avoid how to avoid how to howle the dogs:
    1. If you want to get attention and praise, you should ignore it. If the dog is just such a problem, it is relatively easy to solve. As long as you let it understand, barking cannot let you pay attention to it.
    For example, dogs like to scream at night because it thinks that the night is the beginning of social networking, because as long as it calls, you will come out to interact with it.
    In don't care about it, just call it. When you go to the toilet, see it quietly and stroke it to praise it.
    2, when you feel scared, you need long -term training.
    , for example, fear of doorbells (actually afraid of strangers). Every time the doorbell is cured, no strangers come in. The dogs who are afraid of strangers will bark, and strangers will leave (especially for water delivery and express delivery), and it will think that barking can leave strangers away. Even more out of control.

  2. This is a normal phenomenon that dogs generally occur in wolf phenomena. This is a kind of manifestation of degraded wildness. Our Xiaoha will generally look for companions. Or maybe high or lower emotions, there is still a possibility of wolf howling. If your dog is a male dog, there may be a bitch nearby. He will call our family like this. Will call, the landlord let the dogs contact the family more, try to keep the cage as much as possible. The dog is too lonely because it feels lonely and calls for companions. Remember, the dog's body is always flowing on the blood of the wolf, and the genes of their genes will always have the instincts of their ancestors, so occasionally to condon. Go more, don't let it feel lonely again. My dog ​​also called, it never screamed as normal dogs. Essence Essence It's all the sounds. I started to think something happened, but I found that it was called personal hobbies. Essence Essence I don't walk well, running obliquely. Essence Essence In fact, every dog ​​is different. Essence Essence Different personalities, so do not do the same, the same reason as people.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer my dear hello, welcome to consult me, I am honored to meet you. Now I see your question, I will edit the answer, please wait a moment for you to serve you immediately.nHello, dear, I am honored to answer you. The dog yelled at night because the dog's various organs will be more sensitive. In this case, we have to pull the curtains and turn off the windows to prevent the dog from being scared by scared barking.nThe above is all my answers, I hope to help you. At the same time, I wish you a happy life and convenient life after the consultation is over ~ Thank you Mosa [Happy]n1 morenBleak

  4. This is a normal phenomenon that dogs generally occur in wolf phenomena. This is a manifestation of their degraded wildness. Generally, dogs are looking for companions. Or maybe high, or when you can fall into some emotions, you will be dogs.
    This barking or wolf owner wants to really understand the reasons. You also need to observe the dog howling the tenitors. ~~~ The long sound of this is sorrow, mourning, miss, helpless, for example, the owner leaves, the companion's death, Sichun .......
    It's jumping when the dog jumps, but also makes a sound, the tone is presented ~ Woo ~ Oh ~ Woo ~ When the short sound is tone, this means curiosity, call for companions, joy,
    , for example, there are only one alone when going out and playing without a partner, or the owner seduce him with a new toy, or learn the owner singing or Learn the singing of singing in music. When the dog is screaming, it is uneasy, and it will be sent out ~ oh ~ oh ~~ and the rush of roaring, this is the dog's surrounding environment is dangerous, which is a warning companion or a warning companion or a warning companion or Inform the owner to leave the dangerous warning all the way.

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