1 thought on “Why do puppies always like wolf?”

  1. The dog wolf is because the ancestor of the dog is a wolf. Generally, the dog wants to express the summoning companion or the dog to express joy, or a warning, etc., will occur.

    The first, summoned partners:

    It often see in the movie that the wolf in the wild will convene partners through wolf howling; They also have different varieties. Then when there are a lot of dogs, they will convene their companions through wolf howling; this is basically spectacular from the time, a dog is howling, and the other dogs are also lingering with the wolf. Pet dogs generally do not do this, only some stray dogs will do so when they are bullied.

    The second type, expressing joy:

    The pet dogs do not speak, so what will they do when they are happy. Very simple, a wolf can fully express his emotions. Many pet owners may have had similar experiences to bring the dogs that they like the food they like the most; at the moment they open the food bag, the dogs are happy. This is the dog being expressing his mood, celebration, etc., and at the same time, it is also faster to urge your owner. The dog is so simple, and the delicious one is so happy.

    The fourth type, warning:

    The fifth type, estrus period:

    The month of estrus; the pet owner should pay attention, most of the time is the dog's estrus. If you don't want neighbors to complain, find a partner for the dog as soon as possible; otherwise, the dog will howl every day to make people rest. In the estrus, the dogs not only have grumpy temper, but also like to like wolf; this is a kind of strength that shows them, and it is also regarded as choosing spouse for themselves. Dog howling is normal

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