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  1. The breeding of young dogs n is the main stage of growth and development in young age, and the body grows rapidly, so it must provide sufficient nutrition. Generally, after 3 months of birth, the body and weight are mainly increased. The 4 to 6 months mainly increase the length of body length. After 7 months, the main length is height. Therefore, different diets should be prepared according to different development stages. The weaning puppies often seem to be uneasy due to the sudden changes in living conditions, loss of appetite, and easy to get sick. At this time, the selected feed should be pale and easy to digest.
    3 months of puppies will be fed at least 4 times a day. For dogs with poor appetite, you can use the method of feeding first, then feeding, and less diligent. You can keep the dog's appetite at a high appetite first. Shao Timin feed can make the dog feel unattainable, so as not to get tired and picky.
    4 ~ June -old puppies increased, and their weight increased rapidly. The amount of feed required daily increased, and it was fed at least 3 times a day. After June, the dogs can be fed twice a day -the puppies' recipes should be fed according to the recipe of the original dog owner first.

    The puppies within 3 months should be fed with porridge, porridge and chopped cooked green vegetables.

    The people think that if all the meat is feeded to the dog, it can make the dog grow strong. In fact, this is a wrong way. Eating meat not only cannot make the dog strong, but because of poor digestion, it is difficult to absorb and cause diarrhea. Although there are many proteins in meat, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and shy less, at the same time, less calcium phosphorus in the meat, long -term meat, can easily cause bones to form obstacles in the puppies due to disorders of calcium and phosphorus ratio. It is easy to break or live limbs, and it is not advisable to feed a large amount of meat prematurely for large dogs such as Dandan dogs, otherwise the forelimb may be bent. During puppies, water is absolutely indispensable. It should often put a pot of water in a fixed place so that it can drink arbitrarily before and after eating and exercise. If the dog can drink enough clean water from an early age, it can make it develop normally and gastrointestinal health. Especially in summer and autumn, the weather is hot, and the water in the body evaporates quickly, especially puppies who love activities. If they do not replenish water in time, they often cause water dehydration in the tissue, and even dehydrate and affect the health of the dog. After daily exercise, let the dog drink glucose water. (1 ~ 2 tablespoons of glucose powder, add an appropriate amount of clean water). Feeding professional high -quality dog ​​food does not need to deliberately supplement calcium. If there is calcium deficiency and recognize by professional veterinarians, calcium supplementation can be performed. However, there should be an appropriate amount of outdoor exercise daily, which is exposed to ultraviolet rays to facilitate the absorption of calcium. Too many calcium powder is harmful and unhelpful. In the feeding management, puppies need to devote more energy than adult dogs. They must prevent a small number of puppies from galloping overeating, so that other puppies can not eat and can't eat them. The amount of daily food per day should be determined with the size of the dog, which depends on the observation of the breeder. Generally speaking, it can be seen from the performance of dog feeding. If the dog eats rapidly and swallow a large mouth, it means that there is no problem with appetite; after eating, feed left in the basin, indicating that it is too much to be full; Looking at the owner, it means that he was not full. It is not appropriate to feed puppies, and it is best to be full. In addition, because the gastrointestinal tract of puppies is still under development, we should pay more attention to hygiene to prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

    The problem of defecation:
    I I think this problem is a problem that most dog dads and dogs are very headache. I found the need for information, and I feel that the method is absolutely easy to use. This mainly depends on the patient's patience and tolerance. Probably talk about my method.
    Puppies: The puppies about 1 month are unable to control the bowel movement, so most of them are added to the puppies to stimulate the urinating defecation. The owner can also gently rub the puppy's anal parts with a cotton swab to urinate. Although the puppies around February can be controlled by themselves, they have not developed a habit of fixed bowel defecation. Especially the puppies who have just arrived in the new home will be NNBB everywhere because of the leadership of the territory. At this time, the owner cannot scold alone, especially after the puppies have not been scolded after a period of defecation. This will cause the dog to panic. Because it can't understand what you mean. It would even think that everything it does is wrong.
    It if your working time is relatively rich and there is a relatively sufficient time to train puppies, then the problem is better. First of all, it is necessary to determine the fixed location of the puppies at home. Then place a dog to the toilet in this position (newspapers are also fine, but some dogs will tear the newspapers). A diaper or newspaper with a dog with dog urine or a small amount of feces on it. Then pay attention to observing your dog. Generally speaking, dogs often have NN and desire to defecate after waking up or eating. Of course, because the puppies are excreted more times, they should pay more attention to it. When it is full of smells. When the circle must be swinged. The owner will quickly hold your dog to the toilet. At this time, the dog may be a little bit confused ... but it doesn't matter. Courage it softly. Talk to it, such as: obediently, just urine here. The mother has a reward (although the dog may not be able to understand, but it will understand your tone carefully, so it must be as gentle as possible, and it is a psychological comfort to the owner himself) and then stand a little. If the dog really starts to smell the dog toilet and excrete it on it. Just run over immediately. (It is best to have a food reward) to stroke it. If the dog is not excreted, you have to run to excretion elsewhere. At this time, the owner should not be discouraged. Get it back. Until it defecated above. Be sure to understand deeply that dogs are also wise. If you don't consume it with it for the first time. It will make your dog think you can deal with the jacket. This method is so repeated, persistence. The smart dog will automatically go to the dog toilet in about a week. Dogs of temper may stick to about 1 month.
    If the dog defecates elsewhere when you don't pay attention, then you have no effect at this time. Unless you seize it on the spot. At this time, it is necessary to reprimand it loudly: No! The tone must be very severe. Raise your hand to pat it. In this way, the dog will know that you don't allow it to do this.

    Thestream dogs: I personally think that the best dog goes outside to defecate, and dogs can do more exercise.
    Stherbone when you go out. And stick to it twice a day. Don't expect dogs to take urine for a long time. Even adults will be very sad for more than 10 hours of urination. However, even if the dog goes outside to defecate every day, there should be a place where the dog can defecate specifically at home. Because we cannot dominate the weather. If the weather is too bad, you can't go out.
    For completion, in fact, this does not have to deliberately train. As long as the owner insists on a fixed bend time twice a day. The route is basically fixed. For a long time, dogs will naturally form habit. Because the dog is exposed to the external environment, even if it is instinct, it will excrete. To leave the smell. The route is fixed to allow the dog to find their own smell in order to form a conditional reflection of defecation. It is best to take a dog to run into a small circle when walking, which can promote defecation. There are also health. Of course, it is promoted to raise a dog. We must bring newspapers or plastic bags to pick up the excrement of dogs. A small square scarf _ dogs excrete it after wipe it for PP. After walking home, wipe the dog's body and claws with a wet towel. Be sure to wipe it carefully.

    The bad behavior of dogs is basically common in: often barking. Destroy the family.
    Ilades for the puppies who just returned home, my post on it has already said, and no longer repeat.
    The barking of a dog, in many cases because of nature. For thousands of years, the purpose of raising dogs is to look at the home nursing homes, so they are extremely vigilant dogs who will have movements outside the door, or they keep barking when they come to strangers at home because it Tell the owner that there are abnormal situations. And hope to protect the owner? How can we bear to scold such a responsible dog here when we are here. A little comfort. Tell it nothing. There will be no danger. Touch it to hold it. .. I personally do not agree that the dog is punished by the owner because of this situation. Because you have to understand the nature of dogs. Since you raised it, please respect its nature.
    The things in destruction are things that many dogs do, but have you ever wondered why the dog is destroyed as a master? Have you found that the dogs usually make the house messy when there is no one at home for a long time .. And the owner rarely destroys it when he was at home? Tell you, that's because of loneliness. It is lonely and panic. The way of venting in front of loneliness is to find everything that can cause it. Find everything that can be found with the owner, such as shoes. sock. Clothing and other. And as much as possible to disperse your excreta. A pile of left and right. Let it leave a familiar smell around it. This can make it safe.
    The we should do as the master: it is as much as possible to accompany us dogs. Spend more energy to play with it and chat with it. Even if it really can only leave it at home during the day. It is also recommended that you dedicate you to the clothes you usually don't wear and stay beside the dog to let it have a thought. Then put everything that does not want it to destroy it in a safe position. And when you go out, you should talk to your dog as much as possible: Mom goes out to earn money to buy you delicious. Obediently at home. ”安慰你的狗狗吧.因为它要一个人在家面对孤独.rnrn首先,你把它抱回来的第一周不要急着给它洗澡,突然换了环境,小Dogs' resistance will decline. At this time, bathing it is easier to catch a cold or sick.
    , then the puppy that is full of the moon is usually called milk dog, which is normal, it should still eat breast milk. So you If you feed dog food, be sure to help it with water.
    Third, don't rush to feed milk. Puppy must like to drink milk, but the ingredients of milk and dog milk are completely different, dog milk It is high protein and low fat; while milk is the opposite. Different ingredients, some puppies are not strong enough, they will cause easy dilute. If you have time, you can also make some meat porridge.
    . Do not take the puppy out to play. You must give you at least three stitches vaccines, that is, at least two months ago it was two months ago . The vaccine is not only to prevent rabies, but more to prevent strong infectious diseases of dogs. These diseases are contagious in air, feces, urine, etc. And blood, accompanied by evil odor) and canine plague (mainly a cold, pus -like snot, fever, all over the body, etc.) are dead.
    Fifth, golden retriever is a very smart dog, but It does not mean that it will learn to defecate fixedly. If your dog will come, or learn to learn within a week, then you must congratulate you. It is not ordinary smart, it is a genius. For a long time, look at the information and look at various methods, but the first condition is that it should be stool where you should not urinate or stool. You must scold it. But don't do too much, it will cause it to think that nnbb is wrong. So to hide from you NNBB, then you collapse.
    Sixth, if you have a week, there is no problem, you can get it. Take a bath two days before the injection, use hot water, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't. Taking the delicate pet dog as a wild dog, you must blow dry after washing. Observe the disease every other day, you can take it to vaccine on the third day. The needle doctor will tell you not to take a bath within a week. I want to tell you, do not take it out to play within a week, and clean up the home, do not let it eat things that cannot be eaten. And, when its needle is completely finished, the normal should be taken every ten days. Unless it is unless. Unless it is unless. It is very dirty. For dogs, it means that it is rolling in mud water.
    Seventh, I hope your dog baby grows up healthy. When it is three months, you should Take it out to play, because dogs also need social, otherwise, the greater the personality, the greater the weird, more and more lonely, and even attacking strange dogs and people.

    dogs Sleeping is not as stable as humans, because they are too spiritual, so they can get up very early. Golden Mao will be very skinny when they are young, so they want to buy toys or bite things. The time is when you change your teeth Bite will be strong. It is best not to let the puppies drink, it can't digest it, it will be thinner. If you really want to drink it, try to rush as thin as possible. When he was young, it would like to eat sweet, toffee or something. Don't let it eat chocolate, this is chronic poison for it. Dogs' salt intake is one -fifth of humans, so don't give it too salty. If you feed dog food, there is no problem. When playing with it, it may bite your hand to play, stop it, do not let it develop habits, grow up to others.

    In short, golden retriever is a very cute dog, very greasy, and take more time to accompany it. If you have any questions, you can ask me, I hope your dog will grow up healthily.

  2. I'm also a student, but I'm already in my sophomore year. I'm also raised. I think that after the exam is over, I think that it is the most important thing for your exam. The exam is more ideal. Maybe they will agree that dogs like dogs will "justified their names" at home. nThis test is over, and you are relaxed. You should take a vacation. This time, it ’s a happy thing to raise a dog. You are also easier to pick up the dog's breeding period to your satisfied dog. When you pick the dog, it is best to discuss it with the merchant to see the dogs at home because the dogs on the market are not necessarily good. Dogs are also prone to infection with pathogenic bacteria. Seeing that dogs can pick out the dogs from one nest and can see the dogs and dads who can see the dogs. This mother and dad actually maybe it was the one who had just recovered from who had just returned from it, so it was the point when you wanted to have a dog who made you proud. How to feed how to accompany it to play with insect repellent and vaccine, you can check the Internet on the Internet, there will be very professional answers, maybe your dog will not get sick.
    件) o ... Finally, I hope this matter can have a perfect ending ~~!

  3. Before raising dogs, make good psychological preparation and material preparation.
    . Psychological preparation: Dogs will become your family member. Its addition must be integrated into your life mode, so you must think of the following problems psychologically.

    ① Because the dog is not just your burden for a few months, it will accompany you for ten years and eight years. Are you willing to pay time to accompany and educate it?

  4. There are three months in the college entrance examination. Let ’s talk about everything.
    The morning time is barely strong. For half an hour, you have to prepare dog food. If it is a puppies, the dog food should be prepared the night before, because the puppy should eat wet food.
    In five minutes to eat, drink water, go out and excrete, this time is barely OK.
    If at noon, if it is a parallel dog, it can be saved at noon, but puppies are not enough. It is not enough for 20 minutes. It seems that the dog can be discharged 20 minutes after eating. I usually do this.
    It at night you don't have large dogs without an hour! This kind of dogs need exercise. After dinner, you have to take it out, go to the nearby garden grass, and walk with it.
    The small dogs are like Jihuahua, Bomei, VIP, you have no relationship at home.
    This are just feeding. You have to train dogs, or wait, otherwise it will develop many bad habits, such as urination everywhere.
    This dogs with long hair will lose hair, which is really troublesome. You have to take a bath often because it has grown hair and you have to comb it with hair every day because it has grown hair.
    It you are studying in college in the future. Living in your home is good, and you will be miserable. Your parents do n’t like dogs, and you will not treat it well.
    It this simple truth, everyone understands, I don't know the situation of your home. I think you must also know whether you are suitable for raising dogs. You just want to get a certain answer.
    Mi I bought a bird because of my wayward when I was in elementary school, and I started to raise a very fighting spirit, but then I gradually got tired of it. My mother might also want me to learn from the time. She ignored the bird. As a result, the acacia died.
    I don’t want your golden retriever to become the second mys.

  5. Full name: Golden Retriever/Golden Retriever Return Dog
    For short: Golden Retriever English Name: Golden Retriever Type: Medium Dog
    Category: Gun Hunter Velvet Dog Working Dog
    Shoulder Height: 55-61 cm Weight: 27-34 kg
    [English name]

    Golden Retriever


    Later, the genes of Buddhistic breeds were added to the Buddha, the genes of blood hunting dogs, and the genes of water hunting dog breeds. The result of the breeding produces this natural prey with the ability to retrieve the prey, good at tracking and keen smell. After the first exhibition in 1908, it is popular with people, and it is still popular around the world.

    The golden retriever retrieves the dog's appearance, docile personality, loyal lover, calm, confident, patient with patience and smart and lively Welcome family dogs, but must be given sufficient amount of activity. Golden Retriever can also work or play in the cold rainy days. It is the most suitable hound of this climate, and his essence and characteristics can be displayed in a difficult working environment.

    [body shape]

    body height: 55 ~ 61cm

    weight: 27 ~ 34kg
    Different, the head cover is wide, and the head cover is connected to the nose and mouth. Nasal mirrors are black or brown and black, and the cold climate may make the color lighter. The distance between the eyes is wide, the eyes are dark brown, dark and bright, the eyes are large, moderate depression, strong jaw, completely cut -shaped bite, medium size, the ears are relatively short, the front edge is relatively back, and above the eyes Drooping, close to your cheeks.


    The neck length is medium, and the shoulders that are not fully backed by are in the back of the neck, and muscles are developed. The back line is strong and the hips from the horse shoulder to the slightly leaning, both in the static or movement state. The body is well balanced, the waist is short, and the chest is deep. The chest width between the legs is at least equal to the width of the hands that an adult man closes, and the front chest is developed. Smart bone extends to the elbow. The ribs are long and expanded well, but it does not become a barrel shape. The waist is short, strong, wide and deep, observed from the side, and the waist shrinks slightly. High tail roots, thick tail roots and developed muscles, naturally extend from the hips.


    The scapula is long and full back, and the tip is close to the horse shoulders. The back of the back and the muscles are very developed. From the side, the hips are slightly sloping; the pelvis diagonal angle is slightly larger (about 30 degrees with the level). In the natural standing position of the golden retriever, the thigh bone is connected to about 90 degrees with the pelvis; the knee joint is fully bent; The foot claws are medium size, round and compact, good knuckles, thick toes.


    has a thick and waterproof bottom hair. Direct or wave -shaped. There is no need to trim, there are natural hair collar, there is an appropriate amount of feather -like hair on the back and under the body; The hair of the head, feet, and legs is short and uniform.

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