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  1. The benefits of dogs to vaccine
    "Dogs are very important. It is not only protecting dogs and protecting family members, but also avoids unnecessary expenses. N
    The main advantage of giving dogs vaccine is to ensure that dogs are healthy, prevent and control the occurrence of infectious diseases and epidemic. Dog vaccines are divided into many types, such as small dogs, small five -united vaccines, dogs Hexagonal vaccines, rabies vaccine, etc. These vaccines have different effects and effects.
    If the small dogs (imported) to prevent dog plague and small virus disease; Disease and heating, small virus disease, dog contagious hepatitis, canine sub -flu, and canine adenovirus types 2; dog hexagonal vaccine (imported) prevent canine plague, canine fine virus disease, canine infectious hepatitis, canine sub -influenza, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs Aginovirus type 2 and dog -end spiral diseases; rabies vaccine mainly prevent rabies.
    Remember that injection of vaccines for dogs is not only a way to ensure their own health, but also to ensure good health in the process of getting along with their families and dogs. Base.

  2. Vaccination can enhance dog resistance and prevent diseases. For example, small, dog plague, rabies, etc., are guaranteed to people's health.
    It to ensure the success rate of vaccination, it is best to repel deworming in the body before the vaccine is injected. Dogs of 2 weeks of age can start with deworming in the body. Gastrointestinal treasure can prevent stress reactions, a pack of one pack per day. Many domestic vaccines are used for free. The main brands of imported vaccines are: Intelway, Pfizer, USA, Merria, France, etc., there are four unions, six united, eight unions, etc.

  3. If the puppy has no abnormalities, lively and healthy, when it over 50 days, you can take it to the hospital to inject the first needle imported dog hexagonal vaccine. This vaccine can prevent the acute infectious diseases of six dogs, including: canine plague, small virus disease, canine hook -end spiral disease, infectious hepatitis, infectious bronchitis, and adsorb fluid disease. In the first year, you have to injection three times, each time the interval is 21 days, and then once a year in injection. The imported dogs hexal seedlings are of good quality and high protection rate.
    When the puppy is full for three months, it should be injected with a rabies vaccine for it, once a year. The inoculation rabies vaccine is the obligation of dog breeders, and it is also a content stipulated by the regulations of dog breeding.
    This virus is not a general disinfection supplies that can be killed, and small viruses of dogs are particularly stubborn. If there are puppies with infectious diseases at home, no matter how disinfected from the house, they should not be raised in half a year. Please do not rush to make up for your emotional losses with another puppy who has not hit all the vaccine. This selfish feeling will hurt it.
    In the next year to injection the vaccine, it should be about one month before the previous year to avoid accidents when the previous vaccine is about to fail.
    In injection vaccine, in order to avoid being harmed by bad hospitals, the following points are supervised:
    1. The puppy should be measured before injection, and the vaccine can be injected in a very healthy state;
    2 , Check whether the vaccine is expired, imported, and whether the nurse has injected all the medicinal solution;
    3, the hospital should provide an immune record book, and prompt the time of the next injection;
    4, the vaccine should use the same brand, otherwise It may cause immunity failure. (Du Niang above)
    *Vaccine is just the first step to take care of the dog, and it takes multiple considerations to take care of dogs. For example, sanitary habits, if you play, clean your paws for puppies, train dogs to develop the habit of not eating random. Diet also needs to pay attention to rejecting inferior dog food, rationalized diet structure and time. If you do n’t have time and energy to pay attention to the growth of dogs every day, you can consider using ten dogs and ten beauty vitality peptides and one -stop feeding to balance the nutrition required by dogs. Vitality peptide can also enhance the dog's constitution, try it.

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