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  1. The traction rope can be said to be a must -have item for raising dogs. Whether it is training dogs or taking dogs to take a walk. It's just that the traction rope seems simple, but you still need to pay attention to the way to use. Otherwise, improper use will make the dog feel uncomfortable, and even a long time will cause damage to the health of the dog, so we must also attract our attention in some details. 1. First choose a suitable traction rope, choose the precautions for the traction rope, the rope must be strong, do not choose too narrow ropes, hardware and buckle quality pass.
    2. Open the hardware buckle and plastic buckle on the dog rope.
    3. Open the traction part to horizontal, like a horizontal number 8.
    4. Then you can wear a rope for the dog.
    5. Stand the two forelimbs of the dog into the rope hole.
    6. The plastic buckle and hardware buckle are stuck separately so that the dog rope is set.
    7. When the dog is wearing a traction rope too large or too small, adjust it with the buckle on the side. If you adjust the problem, you need to change a new dog rope.

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