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  1. What are the reasons for the dogs?
    It what are the reasons for the death of dogs. Many people now like to be like dogs. Most of the cities are pet dogs. Many general dogs raised in the countryside are used to see home to see home. Essence Sometimes the dogs are lost, which is very sad for the dog owner, so what are the reasons for the dog's loss? Come and find out.
    The cause of the dogs lost 1
    This dogs are frightened
    This is often frightened, often from the emergency situation of the outside world; the dog is too late to react in the first time. Driven by physiological nature, the first thing that dogs need to do is to escape! The most common reasons for being frightened are often the sound of carrier horn, firecrackers, and sudden sounds of the outside world. In addition, encountering the intimidation or attacks of other animals can also cause the dog to be frightened and fled.

    The most common example is that when you take a dog to the park to take a walk, the big dog suddenly rushed out, scared the dog to break away the rope, run away, how can you call it ... bring a dog with a dog ... When the dog went out for a walk, the locomotive knight beside him stunned the horn. Originally, he wanted to remind pedestrians to be careful, but it scared away the dog. In the event of a sudden car accident, the dog rushed to escape by a mess. On the scene ... There are too many different emergencies and cannot be listed one by one.
    The external temptation is too big
    No dogs do not like to go out! The human world is a flower world for dogs. Although it is comfortable to stay at home, it is a little boring; so the dogs catch the opportunity and they will come out to walk out. Even if the owner will take the dog out from time to time, the dogs still want to go out from time to time.
    The most common examples are that many dog ​​parents take the dog park to the game. Dog parents will release the rope and let the dogs move freely; I did not expect that many dogs would never return! Regarding the owner's throat, the dogs refused to return to the owner. In some cases, every time you let go of the dog, you have to start playing games and hiding games with dogs. You have to spend a lot of effort to help the dogs re -tie the rope! All the reasons for this are too much temptation, so that the dog is reluctant to return to the owner.

    This of dog parents' care
    often see a lot of dog parents entering the supermarket to buy things, and hang the dog with the rope on the locomotive. At that time, the locomotive turned down and people went to the dog. There are also dog parents who come home because of a negligence and forget to close the door for a while to let the dog slip out of the house. After the dog travels out, he can't find the way home!
    It the reason for the dogs to lose the dog is necessary to walk -traction rope
    Whether it is a novice owner or a veteran owner, everyone may cause the dog to lose it because of their negligence, such as at home at home When you do n’t close the door, do n’t bring a traction rope to the dog when walking the dog, and so on. For some novices, it is indeed a fatal injury without experience. Therefore, in order to avoid the appearance of dogs, novice owners must do their homework before raising dogs. For the veteran owner, the dog's loss is more likely to be too confident -I believe that the dog will not go around, believe that the dog will only be with themselves. In fact, many dogs directly "hit the owner directly. s face".

    . Even if it is not uncommon for losing dogs now, there are still many owners in real life that have not attracted enough attention. Some owners will even scathered dogs. This is undoubtedly very dangerous. It is undoubtedly very dangerous. Not to mention whether the dog will run away by itself. If some other people who have other thoughts deliberately seduce the dog, then the owner will probably no longer find the dog.

    The pet positioner
    The people do not stand by for dog loss. In addition to the release of dogs, some merchants have developed locations specifically for dogs. The pet positioner not only has the function of tracking the dog. If the dog walks out of the safe area, it can also automatically alarm to remind the owner. Of course, the owner cannot rely entirely on this positioner. If the positioner is maliciously removed after the dog runs out, the owner may still lose the dog.

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