1 thought on “Why did a dog who raised ten years lost?”

  1. 1. Dogs are difficult to come back. The owner must find it and may find it.
    2. There are many reasons for the loss of dogs.
    (1) Myopia. The dog's eye adjustment capacity is only one -fifth. For fixed targets, the dog can only see 50 meters farthest, but for dynamic targets, the dog's capture range reaches 1,000 meters. Seeing people from 1500 meters away. So after the loss, the dogs could not know the owner only within 100 meters.
    (2) The smell is confusing when the road to go home. Dogs have a good sense of smell, and they usually find the way home. However, if the dog does not leave a mark of urine, coupled with various odors, the dog cannot find the way home. So you can put the dogs and supplies with dogs and supplies at the doorstep.
    (3) Stolen. If your dog is very docile and generally does not attack people, it is easy to be stolen.
    3. It is recommended to find a dog immediately. You can consider posting advertisements and see the whereabouts of the dog. In addition, you must retrieve the video of various stores in the scope of loss to find the clues of dogs. The dog's memory is super, and generally do not forget the voice of people who have been close to it. So be sure to shout within the range of the dog and find the dog according to the situation.

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